The Essential Pebbles, Volume Three: European Garage. Still More Ultimate '66 garage classics! mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Essential Pebbles, Volume Three: European Garage. Still More Ultimate '66 garage classics!by Various Artists

  • 48 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:13:50


Disk #1

1.When People Talkby The Rob Hoeke Rhythm & Blues Group2:48
2.Drolleryby The Fun of It2:41
3.Someday I'm Somebodyby The Phantoms2:19
4.I Was So Gladby The Jets2:21
5.Where To Runby The Haigs1:53
6.Worker In The Nightby The Jets1:57
7.Day After Dayby The Lords2:14
8.I'll Be Your Manby The Counsellors2:20
9.Not To Findby The Golden Earrings1:55
10.I'm Driftin'by The Lazy Bones2:54
11.Viesby AB & C2:08
12.Get Awayby Danny & The Royal Strings2:29
13.Shut Upby The Slaves2:16
14.Step Into My Heartby Jack & The Outlaws2:43
15.Anytime (with Curt Bilsbo)by Meteors3:16
16.To Masturbateby Mad Sound4:14
17.What'd I Sayby The Beatchers2:23
18.Bloodhound (live)by The Tages2:42
19.The Nazz Are Blueby The Palmes2:57
20.Move Out Of My Mindby The Shakers2:28
21.Somebody Keeps Calling My Nameby The Baby Grandmothers7:15
22.Orient Expressby The Lee Kings2:45
23.Ode To Rhythm & Bluesby The Stringtones2:19

Disk #2

1.This Hammerby The Sooner or Later2:44
2.Night Timeby The Sooner or Later2:35
3.The Man Down Thereby The Melvins2:06
4.Too Much Monkey Business (live)by The Trappers1:42
5.Tracks Remainby The Shakers3:41
6.438 S. Michigan The Fabulous Four3:24
7.Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils)by The Shakers3:43
8.Call My Nameby The Cads2:17
9.It's So Rightby Los Comancheros2:19
10.Striped Dreams Checked Fearby The Deejays3:10
11.Youby The Demons1:54
12.Honor Brightby The Gents2:30
13.You Must Be Jokingby The Deejays2:37
14.Louie Louieby The Flippers3:04
15.Stonedby The Bootjacks5:01
16.Love Of Mineby The Ones3:05
17.I Don't Need That Kind Of Loveby Drafi Deutscher & His Magics2:12
18.I'm An Unskilled Workerby The Dukes2:45
19.Talk About Herby The Sevens2:13
20.PanAmby The Sevens3:10
21.No No No Noby Les Sauterelles3:01
22.Sex Maniacby The Countdowns2:35
23.In God I Trustby The Sevens2:26
24.What Can I Doby The Sevens2:47
25.Hong Kong (live)by Les Sauterelles3:32