The Flash: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

The Flash: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 1by Blake Neely

  • 59 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:17:34


Disk #1

1.The Fastest Man Alive / Always Lateby Blake Neely3:06
2.Best Friends Since Childhoodby Blake Neely2:38
3.Metahumansby Blake Neely2:35
4.Dr. Wells Has Secretsby Blake Neely2:20
5.I Have To Tryby Blake Neely4:57
6.Proud Of Youby Blake Neely2:23
7.A Lot Happened That Nightby Blake Neely2:29
8.Mad Skillsby Blake Neely1:19
9.Eddie And Irisby Blake Neely1:21
10.Birth Of The Flashby Blake Neely3:07
11.Things You Can't Outrunby Blake Neely2:25
12.Captain Coldby Blake Neely1:42
13.We Were All Struck By That Lightningby Blake Neely1:15
14.Going Rogueby Blake Neely2:03
15.No Timeby Blake Neely2:23
16.Grodd Livesby Blake Neely1:37
17.Impossible Thingby Blake Neely3:06
18.Supersonicby Blake Neely2:04
19.Catch Me If You Canby Blake Neely2:34
20.Martin Stein And Firestormby Blake Neely3:22
21.Fate Of My Dadby Blake Neely2:09
22.The Nuclear Manby Blake Neely3:17
23.Dead To Meby Blake Neely3:20
24.Reveal To Iris / Running Back In Timeby Blake Neely3:13
25.He's A Heroby Blake Neely2:36
26.Trickstersby Blake Neely2:52
27.Called Some Friends For Helpby Blake Neely4:16
28.Second Chanceby Blake Neely3:04
29.Closing The Wormholeby Blake Neely4:44

Disk #2

1.Saga Sellby Blake Neely0:37
2.Rainbow Raider Strikesby Blake Neely2:24
3.What I Can Seeby Blake Neely0:43
4.Forming A Task Forceby Blake Neely1:27
5.Don't Get Involvedby Blake Neely0:41
6.Team Arrow In Central Cityby Blake Neely2:31
7.Give You A Liftby Blake Neely0:59
8.Training Barryby Blake Neely1:56
9.What's Up, Doc?by Blake Neely2:22
10.Barry Gets Whammiedby Blake Neely3:05
11.Flash Taunts Eddieby Blake Neely1:03
12.The Flash Vs. Arrowby Blake Neely5:07
13.S.T.A.R. Labs Thanks Oliverby Blake Neely1:52
14.A Girl Oliver Once Knewby Blake Neely1:08
15.Firestorm Appearsby Blake Neely0:52
16.The Man In The Yellow Suitby Blake Neely2:15
17.What You Can Doby Blake Neely1:21
18.Use Of Powersby Blake Neely1:59
19.Saving Innocent Peopleby Blake Neely3:02
20.What Barry Sawby Blake Neely2:26
21.Eobard Desiccates Wellsby Blake Neely1:54
22.I Love You, Irisby Blake Neely1:34
23.Cold Wants To Know His Nameby Blake Neely1:23
24.Lucid Dreamingby Blake Neely2:59
25.Grodd Mind Controlby Blake Neely1:42
26.Taken Enoughby Blake Neely2:17
27.Luring The Admission From Wellsby Blake Neely3:22
28.Eobard Confessesby Blake Neely1:45
29.Super Colliderby Blake Neely3:30
30.A New Nameby Blake Neely1:01

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