The Flash: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 3 mp3 Soundtrack by Blake Neely

The Flash: Original Television Soundtrack: Season 3by Blake Neely

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:03


1.Rival Attacks Kid Flashby Blake Neely1:22
2.Asking Him To Killby Blake Neely2:37
3.Showdown At The Sawmillby Blake Neely2:18
4.Problems With Flashpointby Blake Neely2:10
5.Jumpstart Your Powersby Blake Neely1:47
6.Training Jessieby Blake Neely1:27
7.H.R. Wellsby Blake Neely2:29
8.Monsterby Blake Neely2:35
9.Wanted To Be A Scientistby Blake Neely2:47
10.Confronting Alchemy / Meeting Savitarby Blake Neely3:14
11.Best Team-Up Ever / Things Got Worseby Blake Neely3:39
12.Invasionby Blake Neely4:05
13.Watching Iris Dieby Blake Neely1:26
14.I Ran To The Futureby Blake Neely2:00
15.Barry Tells Iris Her Fateby Blake Neely3:03
16.Not Vibing With Gypsyby Blake Neely3:17
17.Attack On Gorilla Cityby Blake Neely4:17
18.Not Afraid To Dieby Blake Neely2:58
19.Grodd Fights Solovarby Blake Neely1:53
20.The Wrath Of Savitarby Blake Neely2:49
21.Jay Sacrifices For Wallyby Blake Neely2:12
22.Abra Kadabra Is No Helpby Blake Neely2:49
23.Killer Frostby Blake Neely3:45
24.The Real Savitarby Blake Neely3:11
25.Infantino Streetby Blake Neely3:19
26.Traded Placesby Blake Neely5:16
27.Barry's Sacrificeby Blake Neely4:18