The Fox Box mp3 Artist Compilation by Fox

The Fox Boxby Fox

  • 56 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:27:46


Disk #1

1.Love Letters2:55
2.Imagine Me, Imagine You3:38
3.The Juggler3:16
4.Patient Tigers3:12
5.Only You Can3:27
6.The More1:08
8.He's Got Magic3:35
9.Pisces' Babies3:42
10.Love Ship2:44
11.Red Letter Day3:34
12.Out of My Body3:01
13.If I Point at the Moon3:10
14.Georgina Bailey3:56
15.Pretty Boy3:36

Disk #2

1.Yuli Yuli3:39
3.Strange Ships5:02
4.For Whatever It's Worth2:53
5.Little Brown Box4:17
6.Minor Therapy5:01
7.Lily Sing3:14
8.Kupu Kupu5:50
10.Me Without You4:13
11.Just One More Night4:00
12.2 Rude 4 Words4:31

Disk #3

1.S-S-S-Single Bed3:52
2.Livin' Out My Fantasies3:11
4.Blue Hotel4:06
5.Almond Eyes3:29
6.Magic Machine4:01
7.My Old Man's Away3:43
8.Moustaches on the Moon3:39
9.Under Your Own Umbrella3:02
10.Friendship Rose2:55
11.Make It Like It Used to Be3:05
12.Pain and Pleasure5:33

Disk #4

1.Only You Can3:06
2.Imagine Me, Imagine You3:40
3.He's Got Magic3:36
4.Strange Ships4:15
5.S-S-S-Single Bed3:49
6.My Old Man's Away3:43
7.If You Don't Want My Peaches3:59
8.Silk Milk4:01
9.Model In A Leotard3:16
10.I Want To Be Alone3:22
11.Electro People3:30
12.Are You Sure?3:45
13.Dancing With An Alien4:28
15.Temple Of Love3:31
16.Torn Between Two Worlds4:41
17.Captain Of Your Ship4:20

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