The Future Is Here mp3 Album by The Mighty Mocambos

The Future Is Hereby The Mighty Mocambos

  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 41:42


1.Calling The Shots3:56
2.Zulu Walk (with Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk & King Kamonzi)3:47
3.The Sun Shines Tonight (with Su Kramer)3:24
4.Struggle And Triumph2:56
5.Transcendental Express3:26
6.French Vanilla Skies2:56
7.Physique (with Caroline Lacaze)3:55
8.Battle (with Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk & King Kamonzi)3:25
9.Peace Street2:54
10.A Brighter Darkness4:32
11.Paranormals Theme2:28
12.The Next Message4:03

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