The Gillan Tapes, Volume 1 mp3 Artist Compilation by Gillan

The Gillan Tapes, Volume 1by Gillan

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:05:24


1.The Maelström4:49
2.Bad News3:57
4.Take A Hold Of Yourself3:51
5.Come Tomorrow3:06
6.No Easy Way (Writing Session)1:54
7.No Easy Way3:14
8.Are You Confident?1:03
9.Are You Sure?3:58
10.Don't Want The Truth4:54
11.It Isn't Going To Die0:56
12.Restless 13:06
13.Restless 24:21
14.Higher And Higher3:45
15.Smokin' And Smowakin5:10
16.Night Lights4:27
17.MAD (Mutually Insured Third Party Fire And Theft)3:06
18.Because You Lied4:46