The Girl From Chickasaw County - The Complete Capitol Masters mp3 Artist Compilation by Bobbie Gentry

The Girl From Chickasaw County - The Complete Capitol Mastersby Bobbie Gentry

  • 176 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:24:16


Disk #1

1.Mississippi Delta3:06
2.I Saw An Angel Die2:58
3.Chickasaw County Child2:45
4.Sunday Best2:44
5.Niki Hoeky2:45
6.Papa, Won't You Let Me Go To Town With You2:32
8.Hurry, Tuesday Child3:53
9.Lazy Willie2:41
10.Ode To Billie Joe4:17
11.The Seventh Son [Demo]2:26
12.I Saw An Angel Die [Demo]2:53
13.Niki Hoeky [Demo]2:43
14.Papa, Won't You Let Me Go To Town With You [Demo]2:32
15.Hurry, Tuesday Child [Demo]3:50
16.Mississippi Delta [Alternate Version]3:06
17.Sunday Best [Alternate Version]2:34
18.Show Off2:47
19.La Siepe4:04
20.La Città È Grande2:20

Disk #2

1.Okolona River Bottom Band2:57
2.Big Boss Man3:00
4.Parchman Farm3:12
5.Mornin' Glory3:09
7.Tobacco Road2:51
8.Penduli Pendulum1:55
9.Jessye 'Lisabeth3:03
11.Louisiana Man2:40
13.The Seventh Son (Band Version)2:53
14.Feelin' Good [Demo]3:22
15.I Didn't Know [Demo]3:04
16.Morning To Midnight [Demo]3:30
17.Refractions [Demo]2:30
18.Louisiana Man [Demo]2:20
19.Sermon [Demo]2:25
20.Mornin' Glory [Demo]3:04
21.Jessye 'Lisabeth [Demo]3:13
22.Courtyard [Demo]2:54
23.Louisiana Man [Live]3:25
24.Ode To Billie Joe [Live]5:17

Disk #3

1.Sweete Peony2:28
2.Casket Vignette2:33
3.Come Away Melinda3:22
4.The Fool On The Hill3:45
5.Papa's Medicine Show3:48
6.Ace Insurance Man3:32
8.Sittin' Pretty3:21
9.Eleanor Rigby2:29
11.Here, There And Everywhere2:32
12.Hushabye Mountain2:48
13.Skip-A-Long Sam2:39
14.The Conspiracy Of Homer Jones3:34
15.Sweete Peony [Alternate Version]2:27
16.Cotton Candy Sandman [Demo]2:06
17.Hushabye Mountain [Demo]3:03

Disk #4

1.Less Of Me (and Glen Campbell)2:08
2.Little Green Apples (and Glen Campbell)3:12
3.Gentle On My Mind (and Glen Campbell)3:08
4.Heart To Heart Talk (and Glen Campbell)2:53
5.My Elusive Dreams (and Glen Campbell)3:11
6.(It's Only Your) Imagination (and Glen Campbell)1:49
7.Mornin' Glory (and Glen Campbell)2:53
8.Terrible Tangled Web (and Glen Campbell)2:02
9.Sunday Mornin' (and Glen Campbell)2:30
10.Let It Be Me (and Glen Campbell)2:03
11.Scarborough Fair / Canticle (and Glen Campbell)3:18
12.All I Have To Do Is Dream (and Kelly Gordon)2:32
13.Walk Right Back2:17
14.Sunday Mornin' [Alternate Version]2:28
15.Let It Be Me (Undubbed Version)2:04
16.Scarborough Fair / Canticle (Undubbed Version)3:17
17.Love Took My Heart And Mashed That Sucker Flat2:14
18.The Fool On The Hill (Japanese Version)3:46
19.I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Spanish Version)2:53
20.Here, There And Everywhere (Spanish Version)2:18

Disk #5

1.Touch 'em With Love2:03
2.Greyhound Goin' Somewhere2:24
3.Natural To Be Gone2:19
4.Seasons Come, Seasons Go2:50
5.Glory Hallelujah, How They'll Sing2:33
6.I Wouldn't Be Surprised3:23
7.Son Of A Preacher Man2:04
8.Where's The Playground, Johnny2:30
9.I'll Never Fall In Love Again2:52
10.You've Made Me So Very Happy3:19
11.More Today Than Yesterday2:33
12.Spinning Wheel2:40
13.Touch 'em With Love (Stereo Version)2:14
14.Glory Hallelujah, How They'll Sing [Alternate Version]2:44
15.Seasons Come, Seasons Go [Demo]2:51
17.God Bless The Child2:59
18.Since I Fell For You2:57
19.Save Your Love For Me3:45
20.Here's That Rainy Day2:40
22.This Girls In Love With You3:12
23.The Windows Of The World2:57

Disk #6

2.Delta Man3:02
3.Something In The Way He Moves2:34
4.Find 'Em, Fool 'Em And Forget 'Em2:38
5.He Made A Woman Out Of Me2:32
6.Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head3:09
7.If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody2:21
9.Wedding Bell Blues3:13
10.In The Ghetto2:49
11.Fancy [Radio Edit]3:16
12.Apartment 213:19
13.Away In A Manger2:37
14.Scarlet Ribbons2:37
15.Circle 'Round The Sun3:02
16.Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head [Alternate Version]2:40
17.Wedding Bell Blues [Alternate Version]3:07
18.Apartment 21 (Undubbed Version)3:19
19.Scarlet Ribbons [Alternate Version]2:37

Disk #7

2.Interlude 10:41
3.Marigolds And Tangerines2:07
4.Interlude 20:37
5.Billy The Kid2:03
6.Interlude 30:38
8.Interlude 40:43
9.Miss Clara / Azusa Sue4:21
10.Interlude 50:22
11.But I Can't Get Back3:32
13.Interlude 60:52
15.Mean Stepmama Blues3:59
16.Your Number One Fan2:34
17.Interlude 70:21
18.Somebody Like Me3:25
19.Lookin' In4:40
22.Salome Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear2:17
23.Benjamin [Alternate Version]3:31
24.Belinda [Alternate Version]4:05
25.Smoke [Demo]3:03
26.The Girl From Cincinnati3:30
27.You And Me Together3:59

Disk #8

1.Mississippi Delta [Live]3:04
2.Papa, Woncha Let Me Go To Town With You [Live]2:52
3.I Saw An Angel Die [Live]3:30
4.My Dog Sargent [Live]1:13
5.Ode To Billie Joe [Live]4:46
6.Mornin' Glory [Live]3:16
7.Sunday Best [Live]3:04
8.Hurry, Tuesday Child [Live]3:18
9.Niki Hokey / Barefootin' [Live]3:42
10.Penduli Pendulum [Live]2:06
11.Ace Insurance Man [Live]3:44
12.Chickasaw County Child [Live]1:45
13.Recollection [Live]2:14
14.Sweete Peony [Live]1:59
15.Refractions [Live]2:30
16.Greyhound Goin' Somewhere [Live]2:31
17.Cotton Candy Sandman [Live]2:31
18.Open Your Window [Live]1:58
19.Mother Nature's Son [Live]3:29
20.Mr. Bojangles [Live]3:28
21.Your Number One Fan [Live]5:14
22.He Made A Woman Out Of Me [Live]2:40
23.Billy The Kid [Live]2:37
24.Wailing Of The Willow [Live]2:18
25.Belinda [Live]3:55
26.Circle 'Round The Sun [Live]3:38