The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The History Of The House Sound Of Chicagoby Various Artists

  • 150 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 14:54:07


Disk #1

1.Trapped (dance version)by Colonel Abrams6:32
2.Heat You Up (Melt You Down)by Shirley Lites6:54
3.Jingoby Candido5:45
4.We Got the Funkby Positive Force5:41
5.Let No Man Put Asunder (A "Shep Pettibone mix")by First Choice5:16
6.Spankby Jimmy "Bo" Horne5:14
7.Que tal America (Midnight mix)by Two Man Sound5:51
8.Can You Handle Itby Sharon Redd5:08
9.Can't Fake the Feelingby Geraldine Hunt5:16
10.Let's Go Dancing (club dancing)by Sparque8:12

Disk #2

1.You're the One for Me (vocal version)by D-Train6:36
2.Do It to the Music (vocal mix)by Raw Silk6:34
3.Beat Goes Onby Ripple4:51
4.Dirty Talkby Klein & M.B.O.5:37
5.Disco Circusby Martin Circus6:37
6.Act Like You Knowby Fat Larry's Band6:38
7.At Midnightby T-Connection5:13
8.Keep Onby D-Train6:44
9.Moskow Diskow (original version)by Telex4:34
10.I Got My Mind Made Up (Larry Levan remix)by Instant Funk6:36

Disk #3

1.Music Is the Key (House Key)by J.M. Silk7:26
2.Crazy (club mix)by Arrogance5:31
3.Donnie (club mix)by The It3:49
4.People of All Nations (club mix)by Shawn Christopher7:27
5.Like This (extended mix)by Chip E.5:48
6.Move (club mix)by Farm Boy5:45
7.Shadows of Your Love (House mix)by J.M. Silk6:33
8.J'adore danser (club mix)by Mark Imperial6:26
9.Never Give Up (club mix)by White Knight5:29
10.A Path (club mix)by Fingers Inc.5:18

Disk #4

1.What You Make Me Feel (Fierce mix)by Liz Torres7:42
2.Everybody Do It! (Hollywood mix)by The House Rockers6:12
3.Godfather of House (Radio II)by House People4:57
4.It's You (vocal)by E.S.P.4:15
5.I Fear the Night (Subterranean mix)by Tyree6:48
6.It's Over (dub)by Fingers Inc.6:14
7.Amour Puerto Riqueno (Spanish club mix)by Raz4:53
8.Mystery of Love (club mix)by Fingers Inc.6:40
9.Jack Your Body (club mix)by Steve "Silk" Hurley6:53
10.Work Your Body Rap (and The House Brothers)by Professor Funk5:13

Disk #5

1.What Ever Turns You On (club mix)by Mario Reyes6:16
2.It's You (House mix)by Farley Jackmaster Funk7:17
3.Time to Jackby Chip E.4:30
4.Jack the Houseby Femme Fion5:52
5.Used by DJ (vocal mix)by MK II5:56
6.Can U Dance (and Fast Eddie)by Kenny 'Jammin' Jason6:54
7.It's Over (club mix)by Fingers Inc.4:44
8.Wild About Your Love (club mix)by Dymond6:14
9.If You Only Knew (radio edit)by Chip E.4:25
10.Jack Me 'til I Scream (Jumpin' mix)by Julian 'Jumpin' Perez5:22

Disk #6

1.No Way Backby Adonis4:58
2.Ride the Rhythm (remix) (feat. Marshall Jefferson)by On the House6:32
3.Funking With the Drums Again (Farley Farley)by Farley Jackmaster Funk5:05
4.Jackin' Me Around (Farm mix)by Farm Boy6:56
5.Hey Rocky (extended mix)by Boris Badenough6:38
6.Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)by Marshall Jefferson7:47
7.House Beat Box (instrumental mix)by Sampson "Butch" Moore5:27
8.Thank Yaby Sweet D5:35
9.Children of the Night (dub)by Kevin Irving6:50
10.Your Only Friendby Phuture4:34

Disk #7

1.Love Can't Turn Around (feat. Darryl Pandy)by Farley Jackmaster Funk5:39
2.IMNXTCby Denise Motto5:19
3.You Used to Hold Me (Kenny 'Jammin' Jason & Fast Eddie Smith mix) (feat. Xavier Gold)by Ralphi Rosario6:57
4.I Like Itby Libra Libra6:30
5.Can't Get Enough (club mix)by Liz Torres5:22
6.House Nation (and The Rude Boys of House)by The House Master Boyz8:13
7.Pleasure Control (radio version)by On the House4:29
8.I'm Houseby The Elect5:33
9.7 Ways (vocal mix)by Hercules6:51
10.The Jackin' National Anthemby Ramos4:05

Disk #8

1.Whatcha Gonna Do (vocal mix)by Blaze5:46
2.Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend) (The Mortgage mix)by Mel & Kim6:30
3.Barah (The House mix)by Cleavage5:17
4.Ain't Nothing but a House Partyby Phil Fearon6:43
5.Set It Off (feat. Barbara Tucker)by Harlequin Fours5:51
6.The Jack That House Builtby Jack 'n' Chill5:46
7.Jack the Grooveby Raze4:16
8.Certain Things Are Likely (Garage)by Kissing the Pink6:19
9.Ma Foom Bey (Love Chant Version)by Cultural Vibe5:34
10.Jack Mix #2by Mirage7:40

Disk #9

1.This Brutal House (US version)by Nitro Deluxe5:25
2.The Opera Houseby Jack E. Makossa6:02
3.Respectable (Tabloid mix)by Mel & Kim5:20
4.Time (Time to Party)by Gary L.8:05
5.To the Beat of the Drum (On the Burn mix)by Wired5:20
6.Do It Properly (Def mix)by 2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman and a Dominican6:15
7.Everything Bamboo (club version) (and Tommy Musto)by Lenny Dee5:20
8.Turn Me Loose (and the Criminal Element)by Wally Jump Jr.7:13
9.The Movementby Movement5:00
10.Jackin' (EMU Style)by The Homewreckers6:05

Disk #10

1.122 Houseby Risque Rhythm Team5:11
2.Way to My Heart (Chicago House mix)by Matt Warren7:37
3.What Does It Take (Fashion mix)by Mink5:31
4.Nude Photoby Rhythim Is Rhythim5:36
5.Love Can't Turn Around (vocal club version)by Philly Cream5:26
6.Mind Games (Street mix)by Quest6:43
7.Triangle of Love (vocal mix)by Kreem5:29
8.Electric Baile (Commercial mix)by Master Plan5:07
9.Nobody's Business (radio mix)by Billie Piper6:28
10.Can't Stop the Houseby Thompson & Lenoir6:21

Disk #11

1.Jack le Freakby Chic6:34
2.Hit and Run '88 Gotta Be Number Oneby Loleatta Holloway6:02
3.Rock Steady (instrumental)by Dalis4:29
4.Supernature '88by Cerrone6:47
5.Jack in the Bushby Patrick Adams6:24
6.I.O.U. (megamix)by Freeez6:02
7.Don't Make Me Jack (Tonite I Want to House You) (club mix)by Paris Grey5:45
8.I Want It to Be Real (Farley's Hot House Piano mix)by John Rocca7:07
9.Let's Beginby Turntable Terror5:26
10.U Ain't Really House (club mix)by Farley Jackmaster Funk5:25

Disk #12

1.Put the Needle to the Recordby Criminal Element Orchestra6:07
2.The Real Thing (West 26th Street mix)by Jellybean7:47
3.You're No Good for Me (club mix)by Kelly Charles5:59
4.Don't Stop (Jammin') (The Brutal remix)by L.A. Mix5:13
5.Strings (Flam-Boy-Ant mix)by Rhythim Is Rhythim4:59
6.Pump Up the Volume (original version)by MARRS5:09
7.Communicate (club mix)by Full House6:27
8.We Came to Jackby Secret Secret5:08
9.Carinoby T-Coy6:31
10.Rock Da House (remix) (feat. Cookie Crew)by The Beatmasters6:39

Disk #13

1.Beat Dis (extended Dis)by Bomb the Bass6:00
2.Theme From S-Expressby S'Express6:02
3.Doctorin' the House (feat. Yazz & The Plastic Population)by Coldcut5:44
4.House Arrest (The Beat Is the Law)by Krush6:37
5.The Only Way Is Up (and The Plastic Population)by Yazz5:48
6.Spy in the House of Love (Jeffrey B. Young & Dangerous mix)by Was (Not Was)6:35
7.I'm Tired of Getting Pushed Around (The Mayhem Rhythm mix)by Two Men, a Drum Machine and a Trumpet3:54
8.Bust This House Down (The Turnaround mix)by Penthouse 46:16
9.Put That Record Back On (feat. E.F. Cuttin')by Cut to Shock6:34
10.Pop Goes the Houseby Pop Stars6:16

Disk #14

1.We Call It Acieed (The Matey mix)by D Mob5:46
2.Acid Thunderby Fast Eddie4:35
3.Let the Music (Use You)by The Night Writers7:57
4.In the Name of Love (club mix)by Swan Lake5:23
5.Acid Over (Tyree's mix)by Tyree6:32
6.Acid Man (original mix)by Jolly Roger5:04
7.Oochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh) (Konrad Cadet mix)by Baby Ford5:50
8.Can You Party (Todd Terry's B-Boy remix)by Royal House6:08
9.Give It to Meby Bam Bam6:12
10.The Pokeby The Endless Poker's5:56

Disk #15

1.Big Fun (Les Adams remix)by Inner City7:20
2.Reachin' (Brotherhood mix)by Phase II5:57
3.Get Off That Wall (vocal)by The Bighouse5:52
4.I'll House Youby Jungle Brothers4:58
5.Get Real (Happy House mix)by Paul Rutherford5:55
6.The Partyby Kraze6:13
7.Can You Feel Itby Fingers Inc.5:32
8.Baby Wants to Ride (club mix)by Jamie Principle6:29
9.Where Is Your Childby Bam Bam5:39
10.Weekend (club version)by The Todd Terry Project5:49

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