The House Collection: Club Classics mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The House Collection: Club Classicsby Various Artists

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:03:02


Disk #1

1.Take Me Away (Pinned Up mix)by True Faith3:33
2.Made in Two Minutes (Rave mix) (and The Plastic Jam)by Bug Kann3:40
3.The Last Rhythm (club mix)by Last Rhythm4:31
4.Not Forgotten (Hard Hands mix)by Leftfield4:24
5.Go (Woodtick mix)by Moby3:25
6.On Ya Way (original mix)by Helicopter3:53
7.The 10th Planet (Ashley Beedle mix)by Strings of Life2:57
8.Choc the Beat (Piano mix)by Electric Choc2:42
9.Temperature Rising (Bigger and Better remix)by PKA5:15
10.The Hunter (original Herbal club mix)by Herbal Infusion4:33
11.Move Your Body (original mix)by Xpansions3:27
12.What You Need (Luv Dup's Sat at Home mix)by Soft House Co.4:47
13.Shine Onby Degrees of Motion3:39
14.Right Before My Eyes (House vocal mix)by Patti Day3:26

Disk #2

1.Jump (original mix)by Funkatarium5:01
2.Ain't No Love (original mix)by Sub Sub3:47
3.Deep Inside (original mix)by Hardrive2:18
4.Alex Party (Saturday Night Party mix)by Alex Party2:41
5.The Real Thing (dance mix)by Tony Di Bart5:31
6.Good Time (Luv Dup mix)by LuvDup4:33
7.Get Off Your High Horse (original mix)by Rollo Goes Camping3:58
8.Don't You Want Me (original mix)by Felix5:31
9.Positive NRG (original mix)by Country & Western4:22
10.Rapture (original mix)by Soul Odyssey3:55
11.High and Dry (original mix)by Havana5:09
12.Mighty Ming (original mix)by Brothers Love Dubs3:21
13.I Trance You (original mix)by Gypsy6:02
14.Someday (Diesel & Ether mix)by Eddy5:57

Disk #3

1.Soul Roots (original mix)by Edward's World4:22
2.From the DAT Vol. 1 (Ultra Flava mix)by Heller & Farley3:02
3.Son Of Wilmot (original mix)by Mighty Dub Katz4:44
4.Hideaway (Deep Dish mix)by De'Lacy4:00
5.Higher State of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk mix)by Wink4:27
6.Stoneage (original mix)by Floorjam4:11
7.Let the Music Lift You Up (full on vocal mix)by Loveland4:47
8.Hey Mr DJ (Stab mix)by Screen II4:59
9.Mooncat (Bonesys Hand & Spear mix)by The Shaker5:39
10.Cry India (Ark Anthem mix)by Umboza4:24
11.Play This House (Aquarius Teased & Pleased mix)by BB Club4:15
12.Horny as Funk (Hard as Phunk mix)by Soapy4:58
13.Peace and Joy (original mix)by Soundstation6:23
14.Funk and Drive (Non Stop Floor edit)by Elevatorman6:33

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