The House Collection: Club Classics, Volume 3 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The House Collection: Club Classics, Volume 3by Various Artists

  • 38 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:31:34


Disk #1

1.Think About (original mix)by DJ H & Stefy5:09
2.Let Your Body Be Free (vocal mix)by Volcano4:15
3.Where Love Lives (Come on in) (Classic mix)by Alison Limerick2:57
4.40 Miles (instrumental)by Congress3:29
5.Perfect Motion (Boy's Own mix)by Sunscreem5:15
6.It's Gonna Be a Lovely Day (Paladian House Anthem)by The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.5:32
7.Plastic Dreams (original mix)by Jaydee6:17
8.Out There (Technomix)by Friends of Matthew2:58
9.Everybody's Free (original mix)by Rozalla5:27
10.Berry (original mix)by TC 19913:29
11.Kinetic (Frank de Wulf remix)by Golden Girls3:48
12.Degrees of Passionby Gat Décor7:30
13.Belfastby Orbital6:39

Disk #2

1.Jumpin (original mix) (feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown)by Todd Terry5:05
2.London X-Pressby X-Press 25:30
3.Girls & Boys (original mix)by Hed Boys6:38
4.Trippin' on Sunshine (Pizzaman club mix)by Pizzaman5:11
5.Reach (Littlemore mix)by Lil' Mo' Yin Yang5:18
6.Everybody Be Somebody (original mix)by Ruffneck3:40
7.Give Me Luv (original mix)by Alcatraz6:34
8.And I Am Telling You (Pride mix)by Donna Giles5:12
9.Been a Long Time (original mix)by The Fog6:04
10.Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Sure Is Pure remix)by South Street Player5:11
11.Direct Me (Sasha remix)by The Reese Project6:51
12.Caught in the Middle (K-Klass Universal remix)by Juliet Roberts6:19
13.Saturday Night Sunday Morning (original mix) / Let No Man Put Asunder (a cappella) (feat. Rochelle Fleming)by T-Empo / First Choice7:38

Disk #3

1.Runaway (Armand Van Helden remix)by Nuyorican Soul6:27
2.I Get High (original mix)by Upstate3:01
3.So in Love With You (Full Intention remix)by Duke6:29
4.Scared (Lonely Traveller mix)by Slacker7:03
5.Life's Too Short (The live at Palais mix)by Hole in One5:06
6.Flowtation (original mix)by Vincent de Moor6:50
7.Cafe Del Mar (Three 'n' One remix)by Energy 527:10
8.Walk With Me (mix No 1)by Heliotropic5:19
9.Small Town Boy (original instrumental)by Legato4:44
10.Just Come Back to Meby Hypertrophy4:37
11.Come With Me (Qattara vocal mix)by Qattara7:59
12.Offshore (Disco Citizens remix)by Chicane8:53

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