The Hunt mp3 Soundtrack by Steven Price

The Huntby Steven Price

  • 35 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:29:39


Disk #1

1.A Game of Strategyby Steven Price3:17
2.Power vs Teamworkby Steven Price8:21
3.The Cut Line Inconvenienceby Steven Price4:25
4.Fueled Up and Headed Southby Steven Price3:11
5.The Hungry Crocodileby Steven Price5:45
6.Looking On at What Might Have Beenby Steven Price3:23
7.In the Grip of the Seasonsby Steven Price2:53
8.Melt Watersby Steven Price3:23
9.All at Seaby Steven Price3:50
10.Wolves and Haresby Steven Price3:58
11.Miniature Glidersby Steven Price5:09
12.Big Game on the Tundraby Steven Price5:04
13.At First It's a Gameby Steven Price2:13
14.A Sparrowhawk's Taleby Steven Price3:56
15.Buzzing Jaysby Steven Price2:04
16.Chimps vs Monkeysby Steven Price3:39
17.The Army Antsby Steven Price7:09

Disk #2

1.The Blue Whaleby Steven Price5:12
2.Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Seaby Steven Price5:19
3.Spinner Dolphin Superpodby Steven Price1:31
4.The Deepby Steven Price3:59
5.The Bait Ballby Steven Price5:11
6.Nowehere to Hideby Steven Price1:07
7.The Honey Badgerby Steven Price2:53
8.Building a Fortressby Steven Price4:53
9.Lions and Buffaloby Steven Price6:04
10.Red Hot Antsby Steven Price6:38
11.Etosha Lionsby Steven Price6:11
12.Race Against Timeby Steven Price1:20
13.No Ordinary Octopusby Steven Price3:42
14.Living on a Calorific Knife Edgeby Steven Price3:12
15.Sea Lions and Killer Whalesby Steven Price6:11
16.Wolves and Bearsby Steven Price5:08
17.Hunting Humpbacksby Steven Price4:47
18.The Lions Themeby Steven Price4:41