The Hunter mp3 Album by Mastodon
  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 53:02


1.Black Tongue3:27
2.Curl Of The Burl3:40
5.Octopus Has No Friends3:49
6.All The Heavy Lifting4:31
7.The Hunter5:18
8.Dry Bone Valley4:00
10.Creature Lives4:41
12.Bedazzled Fingernails3:08
13.The Sparrow5:31
Following up 2009's critically lauded and spaced out "Crack The Skye" was never going to be an easy thing to do. Eschewing all expectations, Mastodon yet again decided to reinvent themselves and instead of writing another heady concept album just wrote 13 great songs that flow together well. Most of the songs included like "Black Tongue" and "Curl of the Burl" are catchy and memorable tunes that have just enough aggression to not make it on to singles charts, but then there are some lighter and dare I say prettier songs like "Creature Lives" that are really unlike anything else Mastodon has tackled yet. There i is a fine balance that Mastodon has struck with this album, and while the instruments remain as impressive as ever, the biggest improvement is the vocals--provided by Hinds, Daillor, Sanders, and occasionally Kelliher. With "The Hunter", Mastodon has added yet another great album to their untouchable discography.
This album is so unique to the metal community! There isn't anything like it! Mastodon's newest is complex, de-tuned, and aggressive but melodic! Curl of the Burl is simply amazing from the first time I heard it. This could be Mastodon's best album yet to date! They have progressed into terrific, unique song-writing. Of course, the sound quality is excellent, which is why I also have the vinyl LP edition. Good metal album that metal-heads need everywhere! Where-else can you get songs like, Octopus Has No Friends, that stumbles along carrying you into melodies that rock. I thought I was listening to Alice In Chains when "The Hunter" came on, which also rock the house. Excellent solos in these too. Man, I am really enjoying their stuff as of late. You need to buy this album if you are reading this!