The Kangol Kid mp3 Album by C-Rayz Walz

The Kangol Kidby C-Rayz Walz

  • 13 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 57:40


1.The Kangol Kid3:04
2.Passion (feat. Critical, Doc Demeyze & Cojaxx)5:40
3.The Specialist 009 (feat. Apani B. Fly & Maylay Sparks)3:58
4.The Greenery (feat. Swave Sevah, Killa Kal, Mr. Metaphor, Maggot Mouf, Selador, The Tongue, Psalm One, Don Cerino, Maylay Sparks & J-Hon)7:36
5.Flying Monkeys3:02
6.Don't Say It (feat. Outwrite Ink)3:54
7.Hip-Hop Music (feat. Gummz)4:29
8.Stroboscope (feat. Seladore)3:35
9.Come See Me (feat. Chino XL, Sean Price, Hell Razah & Kool G Rap)4:28
10.Beats & Rhymes2:52
11.Down Under (feat. Patti & Conseps)4:05
12.Hip-Hop's Hall of Fame (feat. McNastee & Murdoc)3:49
13.The Greenery (Greenhouse remix) (feat. Swave Sevah, Killa Kal, The Tongue, Psalm One, Maggot Mouf, Don Cerino, Mr. Metaphor, J-Hon, Seladore & Tame One)7:08