The Killion Floor mp3 Album by Orgone

The Killion Floorby Orgone

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:09


1.Easin' (introlude)1:10
2.Who Knows Who? (feat. Fanny Franklin)3:36
3.Sophisticated Honky4:56
4.Do Your Thing4:01
5.A WOT5:33
6.It's What You Do6:15
7.I Get Lifted (feat. Fanny Franklin)7:26
9.Dialed Up (feat. Noelle Scaggs)6:51
10.Justice League5:40
11.Funky Nassau (feat. Fanny Franklin)3:43
12.Lone Ranger3:56
13.Prism Break (interlude)1:29
14.Said and Done (feat. Fanny Franklin)4:05
15.Duck and Cover2:50
16.Crabby Ali4:38
17.Easin' (outrolude)2:06