The King Of Reggae mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The King Of Reggaeby Various Artists

  • 89 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:14:09


Disk #1

1.Sun Is Shiningby Bob Marley2:12
2.Lively Up Yourselfby Bob Marley2:52
3.Put It Onby Bob Marley3:05
4.Touch Meby Bob Marley3:06
5.Go Tell It On The Mountainby Bob Marley3:14
6.Hammerby Bob Marley2:52
7.All In Oneby Bob Marley3:32
8.Small Axeby Bob Marley3:43
9.Stop The Trainby Bob Marley2:19
10.Try Meby Bob Marley2:44
11.No Waterby Bob Marley2:09
12.Reactionby Bob Marley2:42
13.Cautionby Bob Marley2:43
14.Soon Comeby Bob Marley2:15
15.Do It Twiceby Bob Marley2:42
16.Back Outby Bob Marley2:12
17.Mr. Chatterbox (Dub)by Bob Marley3:03
18.Satisfy My Soul Jah-Jah (Dub)by Bob Marley2:38
19.Try Me (Dub)by Bob Marley3:03

Disk #2

1.Can't You Seeby Bob Marley2:44
2.Kayaby Bob Marley2:30
3.Soul Shakedownby Bob Marley3:07
4.Stand Aloneby Bob Marley2:08
5.Cheer Upby Bob Marley2:03
6.Don't Rock My Boatby Bob Marley4:29
7.400 Yearsby Bob Marley2:32
8.Chances Areby Bob Marley3:13
9.Brain Washingby Bob Marley2:37
10.There She Goesby Bob Marley2:32
11.Mellow Moodby Bob Marley2:33
12.African Herbsmanby Bob Marley2:23
13.Soul Almightyby Bob Marley2:40
14.No Sympathyby Bob Marley2:15
15.Fussin' & Fightin'by Bob Marley2:27
16.Duppy Conquerorby Bob Marley3:28
17.Mellow Mood (Dub)by Bob Marley3:26
18.Soul Almighty (Dub)by Bob Marley3:19
19.Redder Than Red (Dub)by Bob Marley2:45

Disk #3

1.Soul Rebelby Bob Marley3:44
2.Natural Mysticby Bob Marley5:11
3.Soul Captivesby Bob Marley2:02
4.Trench Town Rockby Bob Marley2:57
5.My Cupby Bob Marley3:34
6.Mr. Brownby Bob Marley3:29
7.Corner Stoneby Bob Marley2:26
8.It's Alrightby Bob Marley2:35
9.Rebel's Hopby Bob Marley2:39
10.How Many Timesby Bob Marley2:23
11.Rainbow Countryby Bob Marley5:46
12.Keep On Movingby Bob Marley3:05
13.You Can't Do That To Meby Bob Marley2:50
14.Treat You Rightby Bob Marley2:09
15.Riding Highby Bob Marley2:47
16.Memphis (Duppy Conqueror Instrumental Version)by Bob Marley2:56
17.Hypocrites (Dub)by Bob Marley2:43
18.Thank You Lord (Dub)by Bob Marley3:41
19.My Cup (Dub)by Bob Marley3:11

Disk #4

1.Concrete Jungleby The Holmes Brothers5:23
2.Sun Is Shiningby Black Uhuru3:05
3.Is This Love (feat. Gwen Guthrie)by Sly & Robbie5:24
4.Could You Be Lovedby Annette Brissett4:06
5.I Shot The Sheriff (Instrumental)by The Wailers3:20
6.Waiting In Vainby Donald MC Collum4:30
7.Rude Boy Skaby The Gladiators8:22
8.Equal Rightsby U-Roy5:49
9.Talkin' Bluesby Annette Brissett4:59
10.Slave Driverby Gregory Isaacs5:13
11.Zion Train (feat. Ky-Mani Marley)by Alborosie3:01
12.Natural Mysticby Dennis Brown3:48
13.Crazy Balheadby Marcia Griffiths3:42
14.Put It Onby Cedric Im Brooks & The Divine Light2:44
15.Love And Affectionby Freddie McGregor3:10
16.J'ai Tué Le Commissaireby Alpha Blondy5:06
17.Get Up Stand Upby Annette Brissett5:06

Disk #5

1.Introby Ziggy Marley1:37
2.Natty Dreadby Ziggy Marley4:57
3.Positive Vibrationby Ziggy Marley4:43
4.Stir It Upby Ziggy Marley4:24
5.Get Up, Stand Upby Ziggy Marley5:23
6.Sun Is Shiningby Ziggy Marley3:06
7.Could You Be Lovedby Ziggy Marley6:34
8.Lion In The Morningby Damian & Julian Marley4:44
9.Me Name Junior Gongby Damian & Julian Marley6:01
10.Exodusby Damian & Julian Marley4:27
11.So Much Things To Sayby Rita Marley3:58
12.Good Girls Cultureby Rita Marley3:55
13.Harambeby Rita Marley5:16
14.Guava Jelly & No Woman No Cryby Rita Marley6:57
15.Jammin' Be Lively Up Yourselfby Rita Marley4:54