The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Kinks

The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition)by The Kinks

  • 126 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:46:39


Disk #1

1.The Village Green Preservation Society2:52
2.Do You Remember Walter?2:30
3.Picture Book2:39
4.Johnny Thunder2:33
5.Last of the Steam-Powered Trains4:13
6.Big Sky2:53
7.Sitting by the Riverside2:26
8.Animal Farm3:02
9.Village Green2:11
11.Phenomenal Cat2:41
12.All of My Friends Were There2:28
13.Wicked Annabella2:45
15.People Take Pictures of Each Other2:14
16.Days (original stereo mix)2:54
17.She's Got Everything (original stereo mix)3:10
18.Mr. Songbird (original stereo mix)2:26
19.Wonderboy (original stereo mix)2:46
20.Polly (original stereo mix)2:51
21.Berkeley Mews (original stereo mix)2:40
22.Rosemary Rose (stereo mix)2:01
23.Misty Water (original stereo mix)3:05
24.Did You See His Name? (original stereo mix)1:58
25.Do You Remember Walter? (European stereo mix)2:27
26.Animal Farm (alternate stereo mix)3:03
27.People Take Pictures of Each Other (European stereo mix)2:24

Disk #2

1.The Village Green Preservation Society2:55
2.Do You Remember Walter?2:31
3.Picture Book2:38
4.Johnny Thunder2:34
5.Last of the Steam-Powered Trains4:13
6.Big Sky2:53
7.Sitting by the Riverside2:28
8.Animal Farm3:03
9.Village Green2:13
11.Phenomenal Cat2:42
12.All of My Friends Were There2:27
13.Wicked Annabella2:46
15.People Take Pictures of Each Other2:22
16.Days (mono single mix)2:55
17.She's Got Everything (mono single mix)3:10
18.Mr. Songbird (mono)2:26
19.Wonderboy (mono single mix)2:51
20.Polly (mono single mix)2:52
21.Till Death Us Do Part (mono)3:19
22.Berkeley Mews (mono)2:39
23.Village Green (alternate vocal)2:12
24.Lavender Hill (mono)2:57
25.Rosemary Rose (mono)1:46
26.Pictures in the Sand (mono)2:48
27.Misty Water (original mono mix)3:10
28.Did You See His Name? (mono)1:58
29.Last of the Steam-Powered Trains (mono mix)3:19

Disk #3

1.The Village Green Preservation Society (alternate mix)3:16
2.Do You Remember Walter? (backing track)2:53
3.Picture Book (alternate mix)2:53
4.Johnny Thunder (Stereo remix)2:43
5.Last of the Steam-Powered Trains (alternate mix)4:42
6.Big Sky (alternate mix with session chat)2:58
7.Animal Farm (takes 16 & 17 alternate mix)3:13
8.Village Green (unissued acetate mix)2:11
9.Starstruck (alternate mix)2:45
10.Phenomenal Cat (alternate mix)2:56
11.Monica (alternate mix)2:31
12.People Take Pictures of Each Other (alternate mix)2:31
13.Egg Stained Pyjamas (backing track)2:32
14.Days (alternate mix)3:34
15.She's Got Everything (alternate mix)3:19
16.Misty Water (alternate mix)3:32
17.Mr. Songbird (alternate mix)2:35
18.Pictures in the Sand (backing track)3:11
19.Berkeley Mews (alternate mix)2:43
20.Easy Come, There You Went (backing track)2:23
21.Did You See His Name? (alternate mix)2:08
22.Mick Avory's Underpants (backing track)2:19
23.Spotty Grotty Anna (backing track)2:11
24.Lavender Hill (backing track)3:12
25.Village Green (backing track)2:18

Disk #4

1.Interview: Ray Talks About Working1:41
3.Waterloo Sunset2:15
4.Interview: Ray Talks About Solo Records0:36
5.Love Me Till the Sun Shines2:45
7.Interview: Ray Talks About Village Green1:23
8.The Village Green Preservation Society2:47
9.Animal Farm (BBC mix)3:08
10.Last of the Steam-Powered Trains (with live vocals)4:33
11.Picture Book (with live vocals)2:40
12.Interview: Ray and Dave Talk About Last of the Steam-Powered Trains1:30
13.Do You Remember Walter? (BBC mix)2:18
14.Dedicated Follower of Fashion / A Well Respected Man / Death of a Clown (TV pre-mix)3:13
15.Sunny Afternoon (TV pre-mix)2:24
16.Picture Book (TV pre-mix)2:34
17.Days (TV pre-mix)2:55
18.Lazy Old Sun (TV pre-mix)3:10
19.Two Sisters (TV pre-mix)2:03
20.Monica (TV pre-mix)2:30
21.Lincoln County (TV pre-mix)3:15
22.Where Did My Spring Go? (Mono)2:09
23.When I Turn Off the Living Room Light (mono)2:20

Disk #5

1.Home Demos Medley8:23
2.Days (acoustic version)2:55
3.Mr. Songbird (alternate mix)2:27
4.The Village Green Preservation Society (alternate mix)2:58
5.Johnny Thunder (backing track)2:32
6.Big Sky (alternate mix)2:52
7.Phenomenal Cat (backing track)2:59
8.Picture Book (vocals and guitar)2:35
9.Animal Farm (backing track)3:02
10.Time Song (monitor mix)2:11
11.The Village Green Preservation Society (Preservation version)3:09
12.Medley: Picture Book / People Take Pictures of Each Other (Preservation version)5:10
13.Village Green Overture (Preservation version - stereo)1:51
14.Days (live in Denmark 2010)4:05
15.Ray Davies Spoken Intro (live in Denmark 2010)0:38
16.Village Green (live in Denmark 2010)3:07
17.Picture Book (live in Denmark 2010)2:31
18.Big Sky (live in Denmark 2010)3:01
19.Do You Remember Walter? (live in Denmark 2010)3:34
20.Johnny Thunder (live in Denmark 2010)2:11
21.The Village Green Preservation Society (live in Denmark 2010)2:29
22.The Way Love Used to Be (live in Denmark 2010)2:28