The Laughing Stalk mp3 Album by Wovenhand

The Laughing Stalkby Wovenhand

  • 9 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:52


1.Long Horn4:56
2.The Laughing Stalk5:02
3.In the Temple5:14
4.King O King4:18
7.Coup Stick4:28
8.As Wool5:42
9.Glistening Black5:48
Danny c
Been listening to Wovenhand a long time now. Every album he writes is brilliant. I loved the 16 horsepower albums also, he never writes bad could pick any of David Eugene Edwards albums blindfolded and you won't be disappointed..the laughing stalk is excellent, every song is good.
Blush is another great album..check him out.