The Legends mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Legendsby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:19:43


1.Dance Machine (Original Mix) (and Waio)by Skulptor6:06
2.Pc Software II (Remix)by Pop Stream8:36
3.Rumble (Original Mix)by Ananda Shake8:20
4.Amino Acid (Remix) (and Cyrus the Virus)by Atomic Pulse9:59
5.Hyper Active (Original Mix)by MIMRA7:46
6.Manipulated (Original Mix)by psychotic signal8:11
7.Psilocybin Chapter II (Original Mix)by Visua7:39
8.Soul Shakers (Original Mix)by The Soul Movers6:59
9.Sci Fi (Original Mix)by Terrasun7:06
10.In the Forest (Original Mix)by System ID7:42
11.Lem (Original Mix)by MPA6:46
12.Karma (Original Mix)by Stereotactic7:46
13.Humans (Original Mix)by Sharigrama8:10
14.Psychoactive (Original Mix)by Limbo7:26
15.Spiritual Signs (Original Mix) (and Hawkmoon)by Bellatrix7:15
16.Shape of Time (Original Mix)by Supernatural8:03
17.Cutting Edge, Vol. 2 (Original Mix)by Azax7:47
18.Lucid Illusion (Remix)by Chromosome9:48
19.Kick Starter (Original Mix)by Iron Madness6:48
20.Trancendance (Original Mix)by Limitless7:19
21.Spirit of Trance (Remix) (and Spade)by Vibe Tribe5:31
22.Still Waiting (Original Mix)by Antidota6:39
23.Intizar (Remix)by Yahel8:01
24.The Beginning (Original Mix) (and Solar Walker)by Isralienn7:25
25.Time Capsule (Original Mix)by Cyber Safari6:50
26.Laganoo (Original Mix) (and DejaDjinn)by Darko Petrusic9:45