The Live Mix, Part 2 mp3 Live by Breakestra

The Live Mix, Part 2by Breakestra

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 51:20


1.Eight Bar Segment Intro (Jagger the Dagger)0:21
2.Eight Bar Segment Intro (Summer in the City)0:19
3.Eight Bar Segment Intro (Bubble Gum)0:19
4.Eight Bar Segment Intro (Crosswind)0:19
5.Eight Bar Segment Intro (Just Kissed My Baby)0:20
6.Eight Bar Segment Intro (Getting Nasty)0:19
7.Eight Bar Segment Intro (Space)0:20
8.Eight Bar Segment Intro (It's The JB's Monaurail)0:20
9.Eight Bar Segment Intro (T.L.C.)0:29
10.Funky Drummer1:01
11.Crumbs Off the Table3:14
12.Sister Sanctified2:31
13.Hook n' Sling1:36
14.Sing a Simple Song2:24
15.Sexy Coffee Pot3:57
16.I Got Love2:39
17.Baby Don't Cry2:40
18.Inner City Blues3:03
19.Cramp Your Style2:06
21.Hot Pants, I'm Comin'2:15
22.Sad Chicken2:13
23.Remember Who You Are2:51
24.Humpty Dump1:43
25.Burning Spear1:33
26.Showbiz Interlude0:34
27.Soul Power '741:52
28.Getcho Soul Togetha, Part 14:11
29.Getcho Soul Togetha, Part 24:19