The Looma: The Legends of One Man Army, Part 5 mp3 Album by One Be Lo

The Looma: The Legends of One Man Army, Part 5by One Be Lo

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 42:43


1.Masters of the Universe3:09
2.Flying through the sky1:15
3.One below1:23
5.T R O U B L E1:58
6.Fire kindling1:33
7.It's not all about economy1:08
9.The weight1:20
10.Came to reign1:23
11.Top rocks1:12
12.The flame of a candle3:02
13.March across land1:55
14.The Saga continues1:47
15.Emerging from Water World1:53
17.Storm Shadow Attack1:15
18.Eeti knew well1:25
19.Sixty seconds and3:16
20.Shell shock armory0:33
21.Scratch sniff activated1:36
22.Full Moons make a man wild1:25
23.Prey five times1:20
24.Silent skill assassins0:45
25.Lost in the shuffle2:03
26.Rise and walk2:14