The Lord of the Rings Online: 10th Anniversary Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack by Chance Thomas

The Lord of the Rings Online: 10th Anniversary Soundtrackby Chance Thomas

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:08


1.The House of Tom Bombadilby Chance Thomas1:36
2.Moriaby Chance Thomas2:05
3.Drums in the Deepby Chance Thomas2:20
4.Ages of the Golden Woodby Chance Thomas3:39
5.Learning to Rideby Chance Thomas3:03
6.Horse Lords of Norcroftsby Chance Thomas2:50
7.Khazad-Dûmby Chance Thomas3:28
8.Tears of Nimrodelby Chance Thomas3:30
9.Urgent Errandsby Chance Thomas3:08
10.Hills of the Shireby Chance Thomas2:35
11.Song of the Dwarvesby Chance Thomas3:18
12.The Hollin Gateby Chance Thomas3:23
13.Calm Before the Stormby Chance Thomas3:26
14.Lotro Legacyby Chance Thomas2:48
15.Theme for Rohanby Chance Thomas3:27
16.The Éoredby Chance Thomas1:07
17.Corruption and High Treasonby Chance Thomas3:23
18.Rivendellby Chance Thomas2:04
19.Chant for Sauronby Chance Thomas2:57
20.Boromir's Last Standby Chance Thomas1:05
21.Shadow of the Argonathby Chance Thomas3:08
22.The Entwash Valeby Chance Thomas3:18
23.Orc Huntby Chance Thomas4:25
24.The Grey Havensby Chance Thomas2:18
25.Party in the Shireby Chance Thomas1:23
26.Heart of a Heroby Chance Thomas2:24