The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deep mp3 Soundtrack by Steve DiGregorio

The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm’s Deepby Steve DiGregorio

  • 24 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:27:01


1.Forward to Battleby Steve DiGregorio4:58
2.Evil Invadesby Steve DiGregorio3:30
3.What will beby Steve DiGregorio4:30
4.A Evil Strikeby Steve DiGregorio3:26
5.Across the Divideby Steve DiGregorio3:05
6.Dark Strikeby Steve DiGregorio3:46
7.Prep the Defenseby Steve DiGregorio4:26
8.Rebuilding Lossby Steve DiGregorio4:19
9.To the Braveby Steve DiGregorio3:06
10.Advance of Destructionby Steve DiGregorio4:11
11.Mighty Chanceby Steve DiGregorio5:06
12.Dark Waitby Steve DiGregorio4:13
13.Hope Lostby Steve DiGregorio0:12
14.Tavern Loreby Steve DiGregorio2:30
15.Tavern Relelryby Steve DiGregorio3:30
16.Tavern Mead Songby Steve DiGregorio4:56
17.Hero Comesby Steve DiGregorio1:12
18.Bad Newsby Steve DiGregorio4:26
19.Dark Placesby Steve DiGregorio1:36
20.Strange Eplorationby Steve DiGregorio3:15
21.Forward to Battleby Steve DiGregorio4:36
22.Almost Homeby Steve DiGregorio4:22
23.Preparationby Steve DiGregorio3:23
24.Defeateby Steve DiGregorio4:27