The Lost Tapes mp3 Album by Lootpack

The Lost Tapesby Lootpack

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:04


2.Interlude 10:26
3.Psyche Move3:19
4.I Come Real With This (feat. Kan Kick)4:20
5.Interlude 20:36
7.Get Whack (feat. Declaime)2:57
8.Antidote to da Antidope (feat. God's Gift)3:46
9.Interlude 30:20
10.Attack of the Tupperware Puppets (feat. Oh No, Declaime & God's Gift)4:17
11.Interlude 40:23
12.Forever Beef (feat. Oh No & Medaphoar)3:40
13.What 'cha Gotta Say? (feat. Oh No)3:05
14.Interlude 50:24
15.Miss Deja Vu3:56
16.I Declare War (feat. Oh No & Medaphoar)4:24
17.Why Do We Go Out Like That? (feat. Declaime)3:27
18.Make Your Ears Want to Bleed (feat. Kazi)3:09
19.Interlude 60:16
20.Female Request Line3:00
21.Undisciplined (feat. God's Gift)3:19
22.Hip Hop2:37