The Man From God Knows Where mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Man From God Knows Whereby Various Artists

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:14:25


1.The Man From God Knows Whereby Tom Russell2:47
2.Wayfarin' Strangerby Iris DeMent1:10
3.Patrick Russellby Tom Russell & Iris DeMent4:20
4.Mary Clare Malloy (American Wake)by Dolores Keane3:30
5.The Outcasteby Dave Van Ronk3:49
6.Ambrose Larsenby Sondre Bratland & Iris DeMent4:50
7.The Dreamin'by Tom Russell & Dolores Keane4:13
8.The Old Northern Shoreby Tom Russell4:04
9.The Man From Tom Russell & Walt Whitman1:40
10.Anna Olsenby Kari Bremnes2:54
11.Rider on an Orphan Trainby Tom Russell4:20
12.Acres of Cornby Iris DeMent3:44
13.The Man From Tom Russell1:49
14.Sitting Bull in Veniceby Tom Russell3:33
15.The Old Rugged Crossby Iris DeMent & Kari Bremnes1:28
16.Anna Olsen's Letter Homeby Kari Bremnes2:57
17.Eg er framandby Sondre Bratland1:22
18.When Irish Girls Grow Upby Dolores Keane & Iris DeMent3:13
19.Casey Jonesby Tom Russell1:00
20.Chickasaw County Jailby Tom Russell4:19
21.Wayfarin' Stranger (Passage of Time)by Knut Reiersrud1:06
22.Throwin' Horseshoes at the Moonby Tom Russell & Iris DeMent3:18
23.The Man From Tom Russell1:33
24.The Outcaste (revisited)by Dave Van Ronk2:21
25.Wayfarin' Stranger (revisited)by Iris DeMent1:00
26.Love Abidesby Tom Russell & Iris DeMent4:05