The Masters mp3 Artist Compilation by Stray Cats

The Mastersby Stray Cats

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:26


1.Stray Cat Strut3:18
2.Rock This Town2:41
3.Hotrod Gang2:49
4.Wicked Whiskey2:19
5.Rev It Up And Go2:31
6.Cryin' Shame3:29
7.Crazy Mixed-Up Kid2:40
8.Baby Blue Eyes2:49
9.Wild Saxophone3:04
10.Crawl Up And Die3:13
11.Look At That Cadillac4:05
12.18 Miles To Memphis3:03
13.Gonna Ball3:17
14.Something's Wrong With My Radio2:39
15.My One Desire2:58
16.Wasn't That Good2:47
17.(She'll Stay Just) One More Day3:41
18.Lonely Summer Nights3:19
19.Runaway Boys3:02
20.How Long You Wanna Live, Anyway?2:42