The Mummy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Expanded Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith

The Mummy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Expanded Edition)by Jerry Goldsmith

  • 52 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:37:30


Disk #1

1.Imhotepby Jerry Goldsmith4:16
2.The Sarcophagusby Jerry Goldsmith2:14
3.The Tauregs Attackby Jerry Goldsmith2:21
4.Closed Doorby Jerry Goldsmith1:21
5.Undiscovered Creatureby Jerry Goldsmith1:01
6.Off Balanceby Jerry Goldsmith0:47
7.A Key In The Handby Jerry Goldsmith0:39
8.The Hangingby Jerry Goldsmith0:58
9.Giza Port (Alternate)by Jerry Goldsmith1:58
10.Night Boardersby Jerry Goldsmith4:06
11.The Caravanby Jerry Goldsmith2:43
12.Camel Raceby Jerry Goldsmith3:23
13.The Prep Roomby Jerry Goldsmith2:39
14.The Mummy Sarcophagusby Jerry Goldsmith2:25
15.Mumia Attackby Jerry Goldsmith2:21
16.A Librarianby Jerry Goldsmith1:05
17.Discoveriesby Jerry Goldsmith3:38
18.The Plaguesby Jerry Goldsmith0:53
19.The Locusts (Alternate)by Jerry Goldsmith5:03
20.Never Stopby Jerry Goldsmith2:30
21.Finish The Jobby Jerry Goldsmith1:56
22.Regenerationby Jerry Goldsmith0:30
23.Alley Attackby Jerry Goldsmith0:25
24.The Fliesby Jerry Goldsmith0:53
25.Sleeping Evyby Jerry Goldsmith1:41
26.My Favorite Plague (Alternate)by Jerry Goldsmith4:00
27.Crowd Controlby Jerry Goldsmith3:10
28.Airplane Rideby Jerry Goldsmith0:52
29.Sand Stormby Jerry Goldsmith2:33
30.Desert Burialby Jerry Goldsmith1:09
31.Rebirthby Jerry Goldsmith8:41
32.The Mummy Attackby Jerry Goldsmith6:16

Disk #2

1.Escape From The Tombby Jerry Goldsmith1:54
2.The Sand Volcanoby Jerry Goldsmith2:18
3.End Creditsby Jerry Goldsmith8:09
4.The Locusts (Original)by Jerry Goldsmith4:51
5.My Favorite Plague (Original)by Jerry Goldsmith4:07
6.Imhotepby Jerry Goldsmith4:21
7.The Sarcophagusby Jerry Goldsmith2:17
8.Taureg Attackby Jerry Goldsmith2:24
9.Giza Portby Jerry Goldsmith2:02
10.Night Boardersby Jerry Goldsmith4:09
11.The Caravanby Jerry Goldsmith2:52
12.Camel Raceby Jerry Goldsmith3:27
13.The Cryptby Jerry Goldsmith2:26
14.Mumia Attackby Jerry Goldsmith2:20
15.Discoveriesby Jerry Goldsmith3:41
16.My Favorite Plagueby Jerry Goldsmith3:59
17.Crowd Controlby Jerry Goldsmith3:13
18.Rebirthby Jerry Goldsmith8:33
19.The Mummyby Jerry Goldsmith6:19
20.The Sand Volcanoby Jerry Goldsmith5:41