The Outsider Tour Live mp3 Live by Roger Taylor

The Outsider Tour Liveby Roger Taylor

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:41:51


Disk #1

1.Strange Frontier (live From London, 2021)5:00
2.Tenement Funster (live From London, 2021)3:10
3.We're All Just Trying to Get By (live From Plymouth, 2021)3:21
4.A Nation of Haircuts (live From Guildford, 2021)3:29
5.These Are the Days of Our Lives (live From Norwich, 2021)4:33
6.Up (live From Bournemouth, 2021)4:39
7.Gangsters Are Running This World (live From Plymouth, 2021)4:19
8.Absolutely Anything (live From Norwich, 2021)4:35
9.Surrender (live From Bournemouth, 2021)4:21
10.Man on Fire (live From London, 2021)5:31
11.Rock It (Prime Jive) [live From London, 2021]5:00
12.Under Pressure (live From London, 2021)3:58
13.Say It's Not True (live From Bexhill, 2021)4:59

Disk #2

1.I'm in Love With My Car (live From Guildford, 2021)3:20
2.Outsider (live From Plymouth, 2021)3:30
3.More Kicks (live From Guildford, 2021)5:23
4.Foreign Sand (live From Plymouth, 2021)7:01
5.Tutti Frutti (live From London, 2021)4:36
6.A Kind of Magic (live From London, 2021)6:01
7.Rock 'n' Roll (live From Newcastle, 2021)3:40
8.Heroes (live From Coventry, 2021)5:16
9.Radio Ga Ga (live From Guildford, 2021)6:09