The Pacific Jazz Quintet Studio Sessions mp3 Artist Compilation by The Jazz Crusaders

The Pacific Jazz Quintet Studio Sessionsby The Jazz Crusaders

  • 90 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:55:38


Disk #1

1.The Geek5:42
2.M.J.S. Funk5:59
3.That's It4:46
4.Freedom Sound8:25
5.Theme From "Exodus"3:52
7.M.J.S. Funk (Alternate Version)8:16
8.Coon (Alternate Version)5:48
9.Song Of India4:08
10.Big Hunk Of Funk5:04
12.507 Neyland4:01
13.Till All Ends3:35
14.Tortoise And The Hare4:27
15.In A Dream3:25
16.The Young Rabbits3:39

Disk #2

1.Sinnin' Sam4:43
2.Weather Beat2:43
4.White Cobra4:55
5.Cathy's Delight3:03
6.Congolese Sermon3:51
7.One Leg Dance5:20
8.Deacon Brown3:45
9.Turkish Black5:37
10.Brahms' Lullaby4:46
12.Tough Talk2:24
13.No Name Samba2:29
14.Lazy Canary4:21
15.Lonely Horn3:57
16.Brother Bernard4:27
17.Moon River4:41

Disk #3

1.On Broadway2:32
2.Green Back Dollar2:25
3.Close Shave2:40
4.Free Sample3:36
5.Mr. Sandman3:01
6.Heat Wave2:57
8.Theme From "The L-Shaped Room" (A.K.A. T-Shaped Twist)4:14
9.Some Samba2:38
10.Stix March2:49
11.Purple Onion2:57
12.Long John5:03
13.Robbins' Nest5:48
14.You Are Sometimes Only Rain3:34
15.Out Back6:06
17.I'll Remember Tomorrow4:54
18.Polka Dots And Moonbeams5:45

Disk #4

1.The Thing4:47
2.Sunset In The Mountains5:15
3.While The City Sleeps3:39
4.White Cobra4:51
5.New Time Shuffle4:48
6.Para Mi Espoza6:44
7.Soul Kosher5:43
8.Tribute To Charles5:56
9.A Trane Thing3:26
10.New Time Shuffle (Alternate Version)4:28
11.The Thing (Alternate Version)5:33
12.Uptight (Everything's Alright)2:29
13.The Shadow Do2:39
15.Isa's Chant2:34

Disk #5

1.Blue Monday8:48
2.Night Theme7:31
3.Uh Huh6:21
4.Air Waves9:24
5.Ice Water6:45
6.Watts Happening5:15
7.Promises, Promises5:21
8.Love And Peace3:24
9.Hey Jude3:26
10.Sting Ray3:41
11.Fancy Dance4:28

Disk #6

1.Love Is Blue4:41
2.Cookie Man5:41
4.Fire Water6:27
5.Give Peace A Chance2:29
6.I Think It Was A Dream5:53
7.Black Bird2:42
8.The Thrill Is Gone3:07
9.Anita's New Dance5:17
10.Space Settlement11:13
11.All The Lonely Years5:01
12.Another Blues6:47