The Paramount Masters mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Paramount Mastersby Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:03:03


Disk #1

1.Nappy Head Bluesby Bobby Grant2:45
2.Red River Bluesby Lottie Beaman2:58
3.Honky Tonk Train Bluesby Meade Lux Lewis3:15
4.You Can't Keep No Brownby Bo Weevil Jackson3:11
5.Lawdy, Lawdy, Worried Bluesby Teddy Darby3:06
6.No. 29by Wesley Wallace3:15
7.Outside Woman Bluesby Blind Joe Reynolds2:55
8.Old Country Rockby William Moore3:03
9.Keep a-Knockin'by James 'Boodle It' Wiggins3:09
10.Touch Me Light, Mamaby George "Bullet" Williams2:48
11.Jack of All Tradesby Moanin' Bernice Edwards2:44
12.Come on In (Ain't Nobody Here but Me)by Harum Scarums2:45
13.All Birds Look Like Chicken to Meby Sweet Papa Stovepipe3:08
14.Cotton Field Bluesby Charlie 'Dad' Nelson2:41
15.Traveling Bluesby Ma Rainey2:55
16.Soon This Morning Bluesby Charlie Spand2:59
17.Gay Cattin'by Papa Charlie Jackson2:55
18.Whoopee Bluesby King Solomon Hill3:10
19.Eagles on a Halfby Geeshie Wiley3:00
20.Wasn't It Sad About Lemonby Washboard Walter3:02
21.Freakish Man Bluesby George Hannah2:50
22.Rough, Rugged Road Bluesby Bumble Bee Slim3:31
23.Mississippi Jail House Groanby Rube Lacy3:22
24.Try Me, One More Timeby Marshall Owens3:12
25.Barrel House Flat Bluesby Mary Johnson3:04

Disk #2

1.I Shall Not Be Moved (alt. take)by Charley Patton2:44
2.Walking Bluesby Raymond Barrow3:08
3.Guitar Boogieby Blind Roosevelt Graves2:56
4.Black & Evil Bluesby Alice Moore3:22
5.The New Dirty Dozenby Ben Curry3:08
6.Low-Down Mississippi Bottom Manby Freddie Spruell3:26
7.Vicksburg Bluesby Little Brother Montgomery2:58
8.Jack of Diamonds Georgia Rubby Henry Townsend3:19
9.Billy Goat Bluesby John Byrd3:29
10.Bunker Hill Bluesby Side Wheel Sally Duffie2:38
11.Number Three Bluesby Buddy Boy Hawkins2:40
12.Mamlish Bluesby Ed Bell2:36
13.Eastern Chimes Bluesby Henry Brown3:28
14.Fetch Your Waterby Charlie Spand2:31
15.Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnakeby J.D. Short2:49
16.Water Bound Bluesby Alice Pearson2:55
17.Broke Down Engineby Lonnie Clark2:57
18.Dying Pickpocket Bluesby Barrel House Welch2:51
19.Seven Sister Bluesby Edward Thompson2:53
20.Old Timbrook Bluesby John Byrd3:19
21.The Preacher Must Get Some, Sometimeby Bob Robinson2:44
22.Motherless Child Bluesby Elvie Thomas3:19
23.The Duck's Yas Yasby Jack O'Diamonds2:55
24.Boodle De Bum Bumby Ben Curry3:10
25.Gotta Shave 'em Dryby James Wiggins3:05

Disk #3

1.Some Scream High Yellowby Bo Weevil Jackson3:10
2.Jab Bluesby Jabo Williams3:19
3.Raised In the Alley Bluesby Freddie Brown3:18
4.Frisco Leaving Birminghamby George "Bullet" Williams2:45
5.Ninety-Nine Bluesby Blind Joe Reynolds2:40
6.Conjur Man Bluesby Roosevelt Sykes3:09
7.Mama's Angel Childby Sweet Papa Stovepipe2:59
8.Honey Bluesby Lottie Beaman2:53
9.Lonesome Atlanta Bluesby Bobby Grant3:00
10.Fat, Greasy Babyby Robert Peeples3:13
11.No Special Rider Bluesby Little Brother Montgomery2:55
12.New York Bluesby Blind Roosevelt Graves3:17
13.Doctor, Oh, Doctorby Henry Townsend2:46
14.I Heard the Voice of a Pork Chopby Bogus Ben Covington3:13
15.Red Letter Bluesby Ruby Paul2:42
16.Piano Kid Specialby Piano Kid Edwards2:44
17.Where Did You Stay, Last Nighrby Famous Hokum Boys2:57
18.The Gone Dead Trainby King Solomon Hill3:19
19.Fanny Lee Bluesby Wesley Wallace3:16
20.Narrow Face Bluesby Washboard Walter3:16
21.Pick Poor Robin Cleanby Geechie Wiley3:15
22.The Boy In the Boatby George Hannah2:41
23.Texas Bluesby Marshall Owens3:19
24.Evil Woman Bluesby James 'Boodle It' Wiggins3:11
25.Three, Six & Nineby Roosevelt Sykes2:57

Disk #4

1.Tom Cat Bluesby Freddie Spruell3:08
2.Smiling Bluesby Jack O'Diamonds3:02
3.Mama, Don't You Think I Knowby Papa Charlie Jackson2:36
4.Back to the Woods Bluesby Charlie Spand3:23
5.Prison Bluesby Alice Moore3:19
6.Deep Morgan Bluesby Henry Brown3:24
7.My Laona Bluesby Teddy Darby2:43
8.Pistol Bluesby Bo Weevil Jackson3:01
9.Pratt City Bluesby Jabo Williams3:16
10.Telephone Arguin' Bluesby J.D. Short3:13
11.Over to My Houseby Elvie Thomas3:29
12.Hambone Bluesby Ed Bell2:48
13.Down In Tennesseeby Lonnie Clark2:38
14.Ham Hound Craveby Rube Lacy2:54
15.Fire Detective Bluesby Roosevelt Sykes3:06
16.Up on the Hill Bluesby Edward Thompson3:01
17.Key to the Mountain Bluesby Mary Johnson2:56
18.Down on My Bended Kneeby King Solomon Hill2:56
19.Red River Bluesby Charlie 'Dad' Nelson2:49
20.Give Us Another Jugby Piano Kid Edwards2:48
21.Nehi Bluesby Blind Joe Reynolds3:14
22.Last Farewell Bluesby Ruby Paul2:58
23.Larceny Woman Bluesby Barrel House Welch2:53
24.Wicked Devil's Bluesby Robert Peeples3:12
25.Raggin' the Bluesby William Moore2:59