The Paris Fashion House Show mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Paris Fashion House Showby Various Artists

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:48:26


1.Rules (Radio Edit)by Mr Luke & Mikeandtess3:20
2.Get Enough (Disco Mix)by Linley Mack & Elliott3:10
3.Daddy (Radio Version) (feat. Emely Myles)by Deejay Goldfinger & Crope3:01
4.Steps (feat. Karen Marra)by GroovHertz3:07
5.Nobody (Silver Disco Remix)by Club Flamingo5:27
6.Next Generation (Disco for Peace Cosmogony)by Bantunani3:28
7.Refresh (Disctronic Mix)by Sam One5:50
8.Blow Discoby Xieox3:25
9.Morning Sunby Claudio Di Carlo8:12
10.Summer Nightsby Mr.monopol3:43
11.Glow in the Darkby Gazdabolt6:03
12.Catch the Feelingby Les Liaisons Dangereuses5:28
13.The Inexact Oppositeby Alex Nöthlich4:28
14.One of These Daysby Mono Tuned6:04
15.The Silence (Syntheticsax Edit)by Dmitriy Popov & Hardcase5:44
16.Jondal Beachhouse (Radio Mix) (feat. Volker Zimmer)by Huey Buzo3:08
17.Issuesby Omão & NADARO2:23
18.Antares Grooveby Curly Angel2:31
19.Illusion (DJ Zhuk Remix)by DJ Zabeat & George Cooksey3:24
20.You Can Make Makeby Ash-Poow5:54
21.Romeby Samuel La Manna5:51
22.I Only Dream of Youby Middlestones3:02
23.Positive Shiftings (Binaural Beats & Deephouse Grooves)by Yoga Culture3:04
24.#Oneby Fogsick7:29
25.Summertime 22by Pha Thal4:04
26.Live the Feelingby I.g.n.a. & Steb6:02
27.Deeperby Gaetano Zoppo6:06
28.A Night in the Living Roomby Harry Solomon7:56
29.Ain't No Sunshine (Short Version)by Ivan Santana3:28 PLTX4:13
31.Midnight Memories (Deeper Shades Extended)by Clemens Rumpf5:09
32.Forget the Rulesby Agustrip7:03
33.Samariaby Dr Blessing SA9:23
34.Bad Artby George Jackson5:21
35.Never Go (Main Mix)by Tommy Boccuto7:05
36.I Knowby Balzerwood7:15
37.Dressed in Blueby K 776:15
38.Beautiful Dayby Steve Oh Traxxx5:57
39.In Love (Daydream Extended Mix)by Eddy Chrome6:25
40.Gin Tonicby Stefano Del Mare3:21
41.House Music (Radio Mix)by Tomek Silva3:08
42.Loungeby Big Jeep6:13
43.Starlight (Daniel Dope Remix)by Abendrot6:24
44.Nexusby Klöppner3:33
45.Get Upby Tesla6:49