The Patriot mp3 Soundtrack by John Williams

The Patriotby John Williams

  • 17 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:12:38


1.The Patriotby John Williams6:40
2.The Family Farmby John Williams3:04
3.To Charlestonby John Williams2:15
4.The Colonial Causeby John Williams3:16
5.Redcoats at the Farm and the Death of Thomasby John Williams5:00
6.Ann Recruits the Parishionersby John Williams3:09
7.Preparing for Battleby John Williams5:50
8.Ann and Gabrielby John Williams4:35
9.The First Ambush and Remembering the Wildernessby John Williams4:00
10.Tavington's Trapby John Williams4:10
11.The Burning of the Plantationby John Williams4:56
12.Facing the British Linesby John Williams3:05
13.The Parish Church Aflameby John Williams3:04
14.Susan Speaksby John Williams3:17
15.Martin vs. Tavingtonby John Williams3:07
16.Yorktown and the Return Homeby John Williams5:20
17.The Patriot (reprise)by John Williams7:50