The Piano mp3 Soundtrack by Michael Nyman

The Pianoby Michael Nyman

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:00:40


1.To the Edge of the Earthby Michael Nyman4:06
2.Big My Secretby Michael Nyman2:53
3.A Wild and Distant Shoreby Michael Nyman5:52
4.The Heart Asks Pleasure Firstby Michael Nyman1:37
5.Here to Thereby Michael Nyman1:02
6.The Promiseby Michael Nyman4:16
7.A Bed of Fernsby Michael Nyman0:48
8.The Flingby Michael Nyman1:30
9.The Scent of Loveby Michael Nyman4:19
10.Deep Into the Forestby Michael Nyman3:01
11.The Mood That Passes Through Youby Michael Nyman1:14
12.Lost and Foundby Michael Nyman2:27
13.The Embraceby Michael Nyman2:37
14.Little Impulseby Michael Nyman2:13
15.The Sacrificeby Michael Nyman2:50
16.I Clipped Your Wingby Michael Nyman4:37
17.The Woundedby Michael Nyman2:30
18.All Imperfect Thingsby Michael Nyman4:04
19.Dreams of a Journeyby Michael Nyman5:32
20.The Heart Asks Pleasure First / The Promise (edit)by Michael Nyman3:12