The Pursuit Of Vikings (Live At Summer Breeze) mp3 Live by Amon Amarth

The Pursuit Of Vikings (Live At Summer Breeze)by Amon Amarth

  • 30 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:36:56


Disk #1

1.The Pursuit Of Vikings (Live At Summer Breeze)6:20
2.As Loke Falls (Live At Summer Breeze)4:24
3.First Kill (Live At Summer Breeze)4:28
4.The Way Of Vikings (Live At Summer Breeze)5:18
5.At Dawn's First Light (Live At Summer Breeze)3:44
6.Cry Of The Blackbirds (Live At Summer Breeze)4:42
7.Deceiver Of The Gods (Live At Summer Breeze)4:14
8.Destroyer Of The Universe (Live At Summer Breeze)3:42
9.Death In Fire (Live At Summer Breeze)5:03
10.Father Of The Wolf (Live At Summer Breeze)5:36
11.Runes To My Memory (Live At Summer Breeze)4:45
12.War Of The Gods (Live At Summer Breeze)4:46
13.Raise Your Horns (Live At Summer Breeze)4:35
14.A Dream That Cannot Be (Live At Summer Breeze)4:32
15.Guardians Of Asgaard (Live At Summer Breeze)4:43
16.Twilight Of The Thunder God (Live At Summer Breeze)6:51

Disk #2

1.Twilight Of The Thunder God (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)4:24
2.Free Will Sacrifice (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)5:59
3.With Oden On Our Side (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)5:10
4.The Last With The Pagan Blood (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)5:08
5.For The Stabwounds In Our Backs (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)4:51
6.Thousand Years Of Oppression (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)6:47
7.Gods Of War Arise (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)6:26
8.Versus The World (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)5:48
9.Asator (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)3:16
10.Under The Northern Star (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)6:18
11.Fate Of Norns (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)6:21
12.Varyags Of Miklagaard (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)4:30
13.Live For The Kill (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)3:02
14.Victorious March (Live At Summer Breeze T Stage)11:13