The Qontinent: Rise of the Restless mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Qontinent: Rise of the Restlessby Various Artists

  • 84 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:07:25


1.Rise Of The Restless (The Qontinent Anthem 2016)by Psyko Punkz2:50
2.Encoreby Wildstylez4:13
3.Spaceshipby Psyko Punkz3:24
4.It's My Style (and TNT)by Brennan Heart1:52
5.A Museby Frequencerz3:43
6.Ninja (feat. Massive New Crew)by Psyko Punkz5:33
7.Robotzby Coone4:44
8.Children Of The Sun (Dreamfields Anthem 2016)by Devin Wild4:01
9.Still Here (aka Blademasterz)by Brennan Heart3:33
10.Carambaby The Prophet3:57
11.Born As A Rebelby Psyko Punkz5:38
12.Strike Again (Psyko Punkz Remix)by Donkey Rollers2:43
13.Ready To Rage (and TNT)by Zatox4:09
14.The Gameby Noisecontrollers3:43
15.Plata O Plomoby Gunz for Hire3:14
16.When U Wakeby Hard Driver3:56
17.Green Stuff (Malua Remix)by Mr. Puta2:59
18.Eardamageby Ran-D3:05
19.Nasty Bassby Hard Attakk3:48
20.Psyko Foundation (Tha Playah's Thrillogy Remix)by Psyko Punkz3:53
21.The Qontinent 2016 (Mixed By Psyko Punkz)by Various Artists1:04:10
22.Betrayal (Sub Zero Project Remix)by Alpha²4:27
23.Brokenby Atmozfears3:16
24.Let The Pistol Goby Sub Zero Project3:52
25.Shotgun (feat. Mc Jeff)by Frequencerz3:48
26.Headbanger (and Sub Sonik)by Sub Zero Project4:44
27.Protest Of Indignation (and Radical Redemption)by Digital Punk2:49
28.Boomstickby E-Force3:30
29.Rockstar (Sub Zero Project Remix)by Frequencerz3:37
30.Furious (Act Of Rage Remix) (and Chain Reaction)by Crypsis4:10
31.WTFby Zatox4:27
32.Raging Reckless (and MC Nolz)by Act of Rage3:37
33.Double Dare (and Sub Sonik)by Brennan Heart3:09
34.Choppin' Bodies (and Hard Driver)by Radical Redemption3:27
35.Oh Shit!by Ravage3:18
36.Paranoid (and Phuture Noize)by Ran-D5:24
37.Watch Yourself (The Pitcher Remix)by Radical Redemption4:47
38.Seven Sins (Operation Raw Anthem) (and Riiho)by Digital Mindz4:58
39.Invasion (Sub Zero Project Remix)by Digital Punk3:06
40.Focus (and D-Sturb feat. Kim Leyers)by Warface3:37
41.Extreme (and Sub Zero Project)by Radical Redemption4:03
42.The Qontinent 2016 (Mixed By Sub Zero Project)by Various Artists1:00:19
43.I Wanna Get Downby Playboyz5:16
44.Impact (feat. MC The Russian)by Transfarmers4:06
45.Coming Your Way (and Alex Kidd feat. MC DL)by Dr. Rude2:53
46.Burn It Down (and Coone)by Wildstylez3:46
47.Dance With Meby Mekanikal3:02
48.Exhale (and Rebourne)by Dr. Rude4:00
49.Zombies (and Devin Wild)by Audiotricz3:47
50.The Squad (and Dash)by DJ Zany2:53
51.Batman Attackby Dr. Rude3:39
52.We Don't Care (and Ruthless feat. The Kemist)by LNY TNZ2:55
53.Sunlightby Zatox4:00
54.Don't Stop Rockin' (and Toneshifterz)by Brennan Heart4:06
55.Jack Who (feat. Ragga Twins)by Coone3:08
56.Fistpumpin'by Ransom2:27
57.Jungle Warrior (and Skellism feat. Leprince)by Lowriderz3:17
58.Eternallyby Dany BPM2:53
59.Lose Your Feetby Dr. Phunk2:59
60.Burnby DJ Isaac4:51
61.Timemachineby The Prophet3:06
62.Banaan (Ruthless Remix) (feat. Stepherd & Skinto & Jayh)by Jebroer2:34
63.Fear Of The Dark (and Warface feat. Mc Alee)by Mark With A K4:08
64.The Qontinent 2016 (Mixed By Dr Rude)by Various Artists1:14:51
65.Dogfightby DJ Mad Dog3:46
66.Never Let Go (and Nosferatu)by Noize Suppressor4:29
67.Sicknessby Anime3:22
68.Call Of Furyby DJ Mad Dog3:09
69.Manna Be Ruff (feat. Multiplex MC)by Noize Suppressor4:19
70.The Rushby Reevoid3:45
71.#MFFYF (and Noize Suppressor vs. Rob Gee)by DJ Mad Dog2:59
72.The Return Of Bike's Drum (The Outside Agency Remix)by Noize Suppressor5:25
73.The Invincibles (E-Mission 2016 Hardcore Mainstage Anthem)by Anime3:52
74.Dominateby Crossfiyah3:03
75.God Damn Noiseby Evil Activities3:13
76.Get Hardby Tha Playah3:25
77.S.I.C.K. (and Nosferatu)by Neophyte2:49
78.Priests (and Tieum)by DJ Mad Dog3:19
79.Y.O.D.O. (and OGM909)by Unexist1:46
80.Pompenby D-Fence4:01
81.Ameno (DJ Mad Dog & Unexist Remix) (vs. F-Noize)by Destructive Tendencies3:33
82.Bring It Hardcoreby Synthax3:52
83.Dead Man (and Unexist)by Tommyknocker3:25
84.The Qontinent 2016 (Mixed By DJ Mad Dog)by Various Artists53:43