The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Masters mp3 Artist Compilation by Gil Scott-Heron

The Revolution Begins: The Flying Dutchman Mastersby Gil Scott-Heron

  • 51 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:48:48


Disk #1

1.Lady Day and John Coltrane3:36
2.Home Is Where the Hatred Is3:21
3.Save the Children4:28
4.The Revolution Will Not Be Televised3:07
5.Did You Hear What They Said?3:30
6.Pieces of a Man4:54
7.Speed Kills3:17
9.I Think I'll Call It Morning3:31
10.When You Are Who You Are3:23
11.Free Will3:33
12.Or Down You Fall3:13
13.The Needle's Eye4:50
14.The Middle of Your Day4:30
15.A Sign of the Ages4:03
16.Who'll Pay Reparations on My Soul?5:14

Disk #2

1.Introduction / The Revolution Will Not Be Televised3:23
2.Whitey on the Moon2:00
3.No Knock2:13
4.Small Talk at 125th & Lenox1:23
5.Billy Green Is Dead1:31
6.Sex Education: Ghetto Style0:53
7.The Vulture4:35
8.The Prisoner9:27
9.... And Then He Wrote Meditations3:14
10.Plastic Pattern People2:53
11.The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues5:09
12.Artificialness (Pretty Purdie & The Playboys feat. Gil Scott-Heron)3:07
13.Ain't No New Thing4:33
15.Evolution (And Flashback)3:22
16.The King Alfred Plan2:48
18.Paint It Black0:33
21.Comment #14:28
22.The Subject Was Faggots3:11

Disk #3

1.Did You Hear What They Said? (alt take 1)3:30
2.The Middle of Your Day (alt take 1)4:41
3.Free Will (alt take 1)2:57
4.The Get Out of the Ghetto Blues (alt ending)5:06
5.Speed Kills (alt take 3)3:19
6.The King Alfred Plan (alt take)3:02
7.No Knock (alt take)2:04
8.Wiggy (alt take)1:30
9.Ain't No New Thing (breakdown take)2:42
10.Billy Green Is Dead (alt take)1:34
11.... And Then He Wrote Meditations (alt take)1:33
12.No Knock (breakdown alt take)2:09
13.Free Will (alt take 2)2:50