The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Volume 2 (1928-1932), Part 7 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Volume 2 (1928-1932), Part 7by Various Artists

  • 100 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:55:56


601.It's Your Time Now (Pm 13011, L-294-2)by Rev. Emmet Dickenson3:20
602.What The Men Wanted The Woman Was Settin' On (Pm 12959, L-143-3)by Rev. Emmet Dickenson2:57
603.Is There Harm In Singing The Blues (Pm 12925, L-137-2)by Rev. Emmet Dickenson andThe Three Deacons3:11
604.Christmas - What Does It Mean To You (Pm 13025, L-590-2)by Rev. Emmet Dickenson and Congregation2:48
605.Born Again (Pm 12691, 20830-2)by Rev. Frank Cotton3:10
606.By the Pool of Siloam (Pm 12699, 20837-1)by Rev. Frank Cotton3:06
607.Jesus Healed The Sick Woman (Pm 12699, 20836-1)by Rev. Frank Cotton3:11
608.Prayer For Sinners (Pm 12691, 20831-1)by Rev. Frank Cotton3:02
609.That White Mule Of Sin (Spt 9518, 15394--)by Rev. Jones3:02
610.God Will Protect His Own (Pm 12638, 20518-2)by Rev. M. L. Gipson3:04
611.Judgment Is Coming Afterwhile (Pm 12638, 20519-3)by Rev. M. L. Gipson3:02
612.That's What's The Matter With The Church Today (Pm unissued, 21329-2)by Rev. M. L. Gipson2:50
613.Go Wash In The Beautiful Stream (Pm 12702, 20291-1)by Rev. Moses Mason2:44
614.John The Baptist (Pm 12702, 20290-2)by Rev. Moses Mason3:03
615.His Wrath Will Surely Come (Pm 12652, 20575-1)by Rev. T N T Burton2:43
616.Let God Fight Your Battles (Pm 12652, 20577-2)by Rev. T N T Burton2:52
617.Goodbye, Babylon Part I (Pm unissued, L-311-1)by Rev. TT Rose and Singers2:55
618.Roll The Old Chariot Along (Pm 12966, L-302-2)by Rev. TT Rose and Singers2:39
619.See The Sign Of Judgment (Pm 12966, L-303-1)by Rev. TT Rose and Singers3:05
620.Hot And Ready (Pm 12705, 20928-2)by Richard Jones' Jazz Wizards2:53
621.It's a Low Down Thing (Pm 12705, 20929-2)by Richard Jones' Jazz Wizards2:57
622.I'm Gonna Moochy (Pm 13064, L-738-3)by Rob Robinson2:43
623.Anuiont Et Bleue (Pm 12832, 15352-A)by Roy Gonzales3:02
624.Choctaw Beer Blues (Pm 12832, 15353-A)by Roy Gonzales2:55
625.Ham Hound Crave (Pm 12629, 20420-3)by Rube Lacy2:56
626.Mississippi Jail House Groan (Pm 12629, 20419-2)by Rube Lacy3:24
627.Black Gal Makes Thunder (Pm 12981, L-383-1)by Rudy Foster2:50
628.Corn Trimmer Blues (Pm 12981, L-384-1)by Rudy Foster2:59
629.What Are You Thinkin' About Baby (Bwy 1485, L-1145-2)by Sherman Clay and His Orchestra2:40
630.Oh Oh Lonesome Blues (Pm 12968, L-213-1)by Six Cylinder Smith2:47
631.22-20 Blues (Pm 13066, L-765-1)by Skip James2:50
632.Be Ready When He Comes (Pm 13108, L-755-2)by Skip James2:55
633.Cherry Ball Blues (Pm 13065, L-748-2)by Skip James2:49
634.Cypress Grove Blues (Pm 13088, L-747-2)by Skip James3:11
635.Devil Got My Woman (Pm 13088, L-746-1)by Skip James2:59
636.Drunken Spree (Pm 13111, L-758-2)by Skip James2:38
637.Four O'Clock Blues (Pm 13106, L-750-1)by Skip James2:50
638.Hard Luck Child (Pm 13106, L-751-2)by Skip James3:04
639.Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues (Pm 13065, L-752-2)by Skip James2:49
640.How Long "Buck" (Pm 13085, L-761-1)by Skip James2:53
641.I'm So Glad (Pm 13098, L-759-1)by Skip James2:48
642.If You Haven't Any Hay Get On Down The Road (Pm 13066, L-766-1)by Skip James2:53
643.Illinois Blues (Pm 13072, L-749-1)by Skip James3:03
644.Jesus Is A Mighty Good Leader (Pm 13108, L-754-1)by Skip James3:01
645.Little Cow And Calf Is Gonna Die Blues (Pm 13085, L-763-1)by Skip James2:53
646.Special Rider Blues (Pm 13098, L-760-2)by Skip James3:00
647.What Am I To Do Blues (Pm 13111, L-764-1)by Skip James3:02
648.Yola My Blues Away (Pm 13072, L-753-1)by Skip James3:12
649.Careless Love (QRS R7088, 470-A) (and Eddie Mapp)by Slim Barton2:59
650.Fourth Avenue Blues (QRS R7089, 477--) (and Eddie Mapp)by Slim Barton2:46
651.I'm Hot Like That (QRS R7088, 469-A) (and Eddie Mapp)by Slim Barton3:03
652.It's Tight Like That (QRS R7081, 472--) (and Eddie Mapp)by Slim Barton2:55
653.Poor Convict Blues (QRS R7081, 473--) (and James Moore)by Slim Barton2:51
654.Wicked Treatin' Blues (QRS R7089, 471-A) (and Eddie Mapp)by Slim Barton2:54
655.Rosca Mama Blues (QRS R7091, 497-A)by Sluefoot Joe3:12
656.She's A Fool (QRS R7080, 489-A)by Sluefoot Joe3:00
657.Shouting Baby Blues (QRS R7086, 488-A)by Sluefoot Joe3:00
658.Tooten' Out Blues (QRS R7086, 490-A)by Sluefoot Joe3:13
659.Ce Pas La Pienne Tu Pleur (Pm 12908, 15345-)by Soileau and Robin2:57
660.Easy Rider Blues (Pm 12808, 15344-)by Soileau and Robin2:54
661.Je Te Recontrais De Le Brulier (Pm 12908, 15348-)by Soileau and Robin2:55
662.Ma Chere Tite Fille (Pm 12808, 15343-)by Soileau and Robin3:08
663.Ma Mauvaus Fille (Pm 12830, 15345-A)by Soileau and Robin3:01
664.Dry Spell Blues - Part I (Pm 12990, L-425-4)by Son House3:10
665.Dry Spell Blues - Part II (Pm 12990, L-426-2)by Son House3:13
666.My Black Mama - Part I (Pm 13042, L-408-2)by Son House3:07
667.My Black Mama - Part II (Pm 13042, L-409-2)by Son House3:14
668.Preachin' The Blues - Part I (Pm 13013, L-410-1)by Son House3:03
669.Preachin' The Blues - Part II (Pm 13013, L-411-1)by Son House2:51
670.Walkin' Blues (Pm unissued, 9/2#1)by Son House2:55
671.I Heard My Mother Call My Name In Prayer (Pm 12834, 123--)by South Carolina Quartette2:44
672.Paul And Silas (Pm 12834, 122-A)by South Carolina Quartette2:45
673.Endurance Stomp (QRS R7019, 330-)by South Street Ramblers2:54
674.Some Do and Some Don't (QRS R7019, 331-)by South Street Ramblers3:08
675.I Ain't Puttin' Out (Pm 12684, 6003-)by Star Page The Tuneful Tramp3:17
676.Cacklin' Hen (Bwy 8108, 20457-2)by Stone and Butler3:00
677.Cripple Creek (Bwy 8108, 20456-1)by Stone and Butler2:53
678.Would You Do What I Asked You To (Pm 12862, 15763-A)by Stump Johnson2:45
679.Through Train Blues (Pm 12685, 20544-2)by Tampa Red2:45
680.Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues (Pm 12828, 15566--)by Teddy Darby3:04
681.Lose Your Mind (Pm 12907, 15564--)by Teddy Darby2:55
682.My Laona Blues (Pm 12828, 15565--)by Teddy Darby2:41
683.What Am I To Do (Pm 12907, 15567-A)by Teddy Darby3:14
684.Florida Bound (Pm 12873, 2412--)by Tenderfoot Edwards2:52
685.Seven Sister Blues (Pm 12873, 2413--)by Tenderfoot Edwards2:54
686.Up On The Hill Blues (Pm 12952, 2414--)by Tenderfoot Edwards3:01
687.When You Dream Of Muddy Water (Pm 13018, 2415-A)by Tenderfoot Edwards2:44
688.Tennessee Blues (Bwy 8146, 2915-1)by Tennessee Mountaineers3:02
689.Ain't Goin' To Do Like I Used To Do (Pm 12774, 21229-2)by The Beale Street Sheiks2:53
690.My Old Girl's My New Girl Now (Bwy 1230, 20950-2)by The Black Pirates2:45
691.Roll Up The Carpets (Bwy 1230, 20952-3)by The Black Pirates3:06
692.Some Of These Days (Bwy 1374, 20822-2)by The Black Pirates3:02
693.Flop Eared Mule (Pm 3171, 2911-2)by The Highlanders2:56
694.Lynchburg Town (Pm 3171, 2912-1)by The Highlanders3:00
695.Richmond Square(Pm 3184, 2910-2)by The Highlanders3:00
696.Beedle Um Bum (Pm 12714, 21036-3)by The Hokum Boys2:47
697.Better Cut That Out(Pm 12777, 15281-A)by The Hokum Boys2:40
698.Gamblers Blues (St. James Infirmary Blues) (Pm 12897, 21463-1)by The Hokum Boys2:46
699.Gamblers Blues No. 2 (Pm 12919, L-97-2)by The Hokum Boys2:58
700.Hokum Blues (Pm 12811, 15278-A)by The Hokum Boys3:24