The Sick Years mp3 Artist Compilation by Tormentor

The Sick Yearsby Tormentor

  • 21 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:14:01


1.Mephisto [Live in Debrecen 1988]3:36
2.Tormentor [Live in Debrecen 1988]3:16
3.Beyond [Live in Debrecen 1988]3:56
4.Countess Bathory [Live in Debrecen 1988]4:19
5.Tormentor 2 [Live in Debrecen 1988]4:04
6.Damned Grave [Live in Debrecen 1988]3:33
7.Mephisto [Studio in Miskolc]3:53
8.The 7th Day of Doom [Studio in Miskolc]3:20
9.Branded with Satan [Live in Tatabánya 1986]6:15
10.Live In Damnation [Live in Tatabánya 1986]4:50
11.Intro [Live in Ifjúságipark Csepel 1986]1:08
12.Infinite Darkness [Live in Ifjúságipark Csepel 1986]5:40
13.Live in Black Hole (ABSTRACT, Machat-Csihar live perform.)4:20
14.Live in Blue Box (ABSTRACT, Machat-Csihar live perform.)0:55
15.Daemons pt.1 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.)2:25
16.Daemons pt.2 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.)1:27
17.Daemons pt.3 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.)4:28
18.Daemons pt.4 (DAEMONS FOG, Machat-Csihar studio perform.)3:08