The Singles mp3 Artist Compilation by Camouflage

The Singlesby Camouflage

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:15:17


1.The Great Commandment (7" version)3:13
2.Stranger's Thoughts (7" single version)3:33
3.Neighbours (7" single version)3:43
4.That Smiling Face (7" single version)4:50
5.Love Is a Shield (7" single version)4:01
6.One Fine Day (7" single version)4:00
7.Heaven (I Want You) (7" single version)3:46
8.This Day (7" single version)3:47
9.Suspicious Love (radio version)4:16
10.Close (We Stroke the Flames) (remix single version)4:03
11.Jealousy (single version)3:33
12.Bad News (single edit)3:29
13.X-Ray (Tranceformer single mix)3:36
14.Thief (single mix)3:21
15.The Great Commandment 2.0 (radio edit)3:55
16.Me and You (radio version)3:31
17.I Can't Feel You (radio edit)3:49
18.Motif Sky (single version)3:11
19.Something Wrong (single version)3:36
20.The Pleasure Remains (radio edit)4:04