The Singles A's & B's mp3 Artist Compilation by Debbie Gibson

The Singles A's & B'sby Debbie Gibson

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:20:55


Disk #1

1.Only In My Dreams (Vocal)3:55
2.Only In My Dreams (Dub)4:44
3.Wake Up To Love3:44
4.Shake Your Love (Vocal-LP Version)3:46
5.Shake Your Love (Bad Dub Version)5:04
6.Red Hot (Vocal-LP Version)3:54
7.Out Of The Blue3:56
8.Out Of The Blue (Edited Dub)4:16
9.Fallen Angel3:45
10.Foolish Beat4:25
11.Staying Together (Vocal)4:20
12.Staying Together (Dub Edit)4:36
13.No More Rhyme4:15
14.Over The Wall (Dub Version)4:27
15.Lost In Your Eyes (LP Version)3:34
16.Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix)3:40
17.Lost In Your Eyes (Piano & Vocal Mix)3:34

Disk #2

1.We Could Be Together4:41
2.No More Rhyme (Acoustic Version)4:14
3.Electric Youth4:58
4.One Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix)4:17
5.One Step Ahead (LP Version)4:53
6.Anything Is Possible3:45
7.So Close To Forever3:02
8.One Hand, One Heart4:36
9.The Most Beautiful Love Song3:14
10.Without You4:19
11.This So-Called Miracle (Edited Version)4:16
12.This So-Called Miracle (Full Version)7:28
13.Shock Your Mama (The London Apprentice Edit)3:17
14.Love Or Lust3:59
15.In His Mind3:34
16.Eyes Of A Child2:21
17.Love Or Money4:06