The Struggles of a Unknown Musician mp3 Album by Zacky Sickness

The Struggles of a Unknown Musicianby Zacky Sickness

  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 39:06


1.The Optimistic Beginning0:25
2.Hello There (feat. Jacob Lizotte)1:44
3.What Keeps Me Bleeding (feat. Jacob Lizotte)3:23
4.Tear Them Down (feat. Jacob Lizotte)4:26
5.A Glimpse in an Endless Sea (feat. Jacob Lizotte)3:53
6.Words That Cut Like a Sword (feat. Jacob Lizotte)6:04
7.Crack One Open (feat. Jacob Lizotte)3:50
8.Cycle of Misery (feat. Jacob Lizotte)4:28
9.The Beast I Am (feat. Jacob Lizotte)3:02
10.Just Another Broken Dream (feat. Jacob Lizotte)4:05
11.The Final Tragedy (feat. Jacob Lizotte)3:46