The Thin Red Line: Music from The Motion Picture (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

The Thin Red Line: Music from The Motion Picture (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition)by Various Artists

  • 71 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:23:23


Disk #1

1.Nature Montageby Hans Zimmer5:38
2.Witt With Melanesiansby Hans Zimmer2:54
3.Witt In Brig / Tall And Quintardby Hans Zimmer8:27
4.Staros Below Deckby Hans Zimmer1:58
5.March Inlandby Hans Zimmer8:21
6.Staros Praysby Hans Zimmer2:23
7.The Grass / Tall Calls Starosby Hans Zimmer3:27
8.Keck's Deathby Hans Zimmer4:47
9.Welsh Helps Tellaby Hans Zimmer2:20
10.Staros Refuses Orderby Hans Zimmer8:11
11.Bell's Patrolby Hans Zimmer3:58
12.Bell Goes Aloneby Hans Zimmer3:31
13.Welsh & Witt Talkby Hans Zimmer3:49
14.Gaff's Party Leavesby Hans Zimmer3:17
15.Gaff's Party Returnsby Hans Zimmer2:04
16.Attack on the Bivouac (Long Version)by Hans Zimmer11:03

Disk #2

1.Staros Is Relievedby Hans Zimmer2:08
2.Tall Does Nailsby Hans Zimmer1:22
3.Airfield - Bell Flashbackby Hans Zimmer5:57
4.Marty's Letterby Hans Zimmer3:42
5.Village Flashbackby Hans Zimmer2:04
6.Witt Travelsby Hans Zimmer5:48
7.Japanese Appear - Witt Chasedby Hans Zimmer5:27
8.Witt Killedby Hans Zimmer2:15
9.Witt's Funeralby Hans Zimmer5:17
10.Cemeteryby Hans Zimmer4:48
11.End Creditsby Hans Zimmer5:23
12.Concerto For Beam (Extended Version)by Hans Zimmer6:09
13.Keck's Death (Alternate)by Hans Zimmer4:32
14.Gaff's Party Returns (Alternate)by Hans Zimmer2:05
15.Attack On The Bivouac (Short Version)by Hans Zimmer8:05
16.Staros Is Relieved (Alternate)by Hans Zimmer3:06
17.Tall Does Nails (Alternate)by Hans Zimmer1:30
18.Witt Travels (Alternate)by Hans Zimmer6:43

Disk #3

1.The Coral Atollby Hans Zimmer8:02
2.The Lagoonby Hans Zimmer8:41
3.Journey To The Lineby Hans Zimmer9:17
4.Lightby Hans Zimmer7:21
5.Beamby Hans Zimmer3:44
6.Airby Hans Zimmer2:21
7.Stone In My Heartby Hans Zimmer4:28
8.The Villageby Hans Zimmer5:53
9.Silenceby Hans Zimmer5:05
10.God Yu Tekem Laef Blong Miby Hans Zimmer1:58
11.Sit Back And Relaxby Hans Zimmer2:06

Disk #4

1.Jisas Yu Holem Hand Blong Miby The Choir of All Saints1:23
2.Soon My Lordby The Choir of All Saints1:17
3.God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Miby The Choir of All Saints2:15
4.Early Morning At Tabaliaby The Melanesian Brotherhood0:29
5.Procession Chant 1by The Melanesian Brotherhood1:29
6.Procession Chant 2 (Kustom Tune)by The Melanesian Brotherhood0:57
7.Hollyby The Melanesian Brotherhood1:43
8.Procession Chant 3by The Melanesian Brotherhood1:05
9.We Love To Singby The Choir of All Saints3:41
10.Mi Go Longwayby The Choir of All Saints2:53
11.Jisas, Masta Mi Saveby The Choir of All Saints3:00
12.Procession Chant 4by The Melanesian Brotherhood0:39
13.Together Beby The Melanesian Brotherhood2:28
14.Sunday Service Hymnby The Melanesian Brotherhood1:45
15.Halleluia!, Sing To Jesusby The Melanesian Brotherhood1:32
16.Jesus, You Are Hereby The Choir of All Saints2:17
17.Bybyeby The Choir of All Saints2:36
18.We Are One Big Happy Familyby The Choir of All Saints2:32
19.Traditional Lullabyby The Melanesian Brotherhood2:19
20.Cho Cho Vanchoby The Melanesian Brotherhood1:26
21.Rememberby The Melanesian Brotherhood0:57
22.God All Mightyby The Melanesian Brotherhood1:56
23.Jisas Yu Holem Hand Blong Miby The Melanesian Brotherhood2:46
24.Pray For Usby The Melanesian Brotherhood2:11
25.Procession Chorusby The Melanesian Brotherhood3:19
26.Kyrieby The Melanesian Brotherhood3:03