The Tyranny Off the Beat, Volume IV mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Tyranny Off the Beat, Volume IVby Various Artists

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:34:40


Disk #1

1.Delusionby Heavy Water Factory5:05
2.Goliathby Mentallo & The Fixer7:14
3.Luminalby Covenant5:17
4.Paradoxon (Grade 2)by Individual Totem5:34
5.Testicle Crack (Plain Fracture Mix)by Dementia Simplex5:10
6.Come To Meby Suicide Commando5:24
7.The Lighthouse Incident (Platform Mix)by Forma Tadre5:21
8.Miracleby Noise Unit6:46
9.Loadedby Unit:1876:37
10.Free Your Mindby Dorsetshire4:31
11.Senseby Klinik4:05
12.Sicknessby Gridlock4:49
13.Gotcha (New Mind yAge Mix)by kAlte fArben4:50
14.Talons Graspby Decree4:43

Disk #2

1.Nature's Freakby Morgue Mechanism6:17
2.Loss of Breathby Click Click8:59
3.Furnace (Shining mix by Julian Beeston)by New Mind6:37
4.Hell (edit)by Fracture4:00
5.Suck Hysteria (long & dirty-mix)by Genital-A-Tech7:47
6.The Rainby Steril5:33
7.Electrocution (Rough mix)by Front Line Assembly8:05
8.Malfunctionby Velvet Acid Christ5:06
9.Slumberlandby Delay6:28
10.Powerby Xyphax4:40
11.Flight of Luminous Insectsby Download6:13
12.Die Vögelby Cyan5:31
13.Come in Peaceby Doubting Thomas3:58