The Tyranny Off the Beat, Volume V mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Tyranny Off the Beat, Volume Vby Various Artists

  • 27 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:50


Disk #1

1.Bell Shawby Download4:41
2.Solitaryby VNV Nation7:28
3.Dead Dogs (Punter mix)by Unit:1874:54
4.eLeSDeby kAlte fArben4:36
5.Vampire (Tasture mix)by Heavy Water Factory3:48
6.Providence (Remixed by Xorcist)by New Mind4:50
7.Better Off Dead (Remixed by Dive)by Suicide Commando4:18
8.Oblivionby Front Line Assembly7:05
9.The Howl of the Tempestby Klinik9:00
10.Two Weeksby Delay7:07
11.Meltingby Velvet Acid Christ6:39
12.The Last Dayby Decree4:30
13.Dagonby Forma Tadre5:54

Disk #2

1.System Interruptedby Individual Totem4:21
2.Frantic (Stark-Raving Mad)by Gridlock3:54
3.Mother Of Harlots (Tempo Crusher)by Mentallo & The Fixer8:20
4.God Has Got a Gun (Shot edit)by Cyan3:49
5.My Wörldby Eco5:53
6.Prozac Checkby Ga-T5:05
7.Pain Stateby Gracious Shades3:54
8.Whiteoutby Click Click6:22
9.Slice 1068 (Psychological Analysis)by Dementia Simplex8:16
10.Leviathanby Covenant5:19
11.Achterbahnby Steril4:38
12.Epicentreby Fracture3:59
13.Underworld (Underhalls remix)by Morgue Mechanism5:43
14.Although My Heartby Sara Noxx2:27