The Ugly One With The Jewels And Other Stories mp3 Album by Laurie Anderson

The Ugly One With The Jewels And Other Storiesby Laurie Anderson

  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:04


1.The End of the World5:01
2.The Salesman3:19
3.The Night Flight From Houston1:33
4.Word of Mouth4:50
5.The Soul Is a Bird3:57
6.The Ouija Board4:11
7.The Ugly One With the Jewels5:06
8.The Geographic North Pole5:23
9.John Lilly3:35
10.The Rotowhirl3:55
11.On the Way to Jerusalem1:20
12.The Hollywood Strangler1:51
13.Maria Teresa Teresa Maria5:44
14.Someone Else's Dream2:26
15.White Lily1:18
16.The Mysterious "J"2:58
17.The Cultural Ambassador6:47
18.Same Time Tomorrow7:50