The Ultimate Collection mp3 Artist Compilation by Ace Of Base

The Ultimate Collectionby Ace Of Base

  • 37 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:33:14


Disk #1

1.All That She Wants3:36
2.Wheel Of Fortune3:53
3.Happy Nation4:11
4.The Sign3:11
5.Waitung For Magic5:20
6.Don't Turn Around3:50
7.Living In Danger3:44
8.Lucky Love2:55
9.Beautiful Life3:41
10.Never Gonna Say I'M Sorry3:16
11.My Deja Vu3:21
12.Perfect World3:55
13.Life Is A Flower3:45
14.Cruel Summer3:34

Disk #2

2.Travel To Romantis4:09
3.Always Have, Always Will3:44
4.Everytime It Rains3:55
6.Tokyo Girl3:36
7.C'Est La Vie3:28
8.Hello Hello2:52
9.Love In December4:01
10.Beautiful Morning3:01
12.The Juvenile3:42
13.Da Capo3:11
14.What'S The Name Of The Game3:04

Disk #3

1.Wheel Of Fortune (Original Club Mix)4:04
2.My Mind (Mindless Mix)4:15
3.All That She Wants (Banghra Version)4:18
4.Happy Nation (Remix)3:47
5.The Sign (Dub Version)5:13
6.Don't Turn Around (Stretch Version)6:00
7.Lucky Love (Armand'S 'British Nites' Remix)11:25
8.Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix)4:10
9.Megamix (Long Version)7:22

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