The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 10 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 10by Various Artists

  • 69 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:34:07


Disk #1

1.I'M Going Back To My Used To Beby Bessie Smith2:55
2.My Sweet Went Awayby Bessie Smith3:13
3.Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Timeby Bessie Smith3:12
4.Any Woman's Bluesby Bessie Smith3:27
5.Chicago Bound Bluesby Bessie Smith3:18
6.Mistreating Daddyby Bessie Smith3:19
7.Frosty Morning Bluesby Bessie Smith3:14
8.Easy Come Easy Go Bluesby Bessie Smith3:10
9.Eavesdropper'S Bluesby Bessie Smith3:12
10.Haunted House Bluesby Bessie Smith3:31
11.Sorrowful Bluesby Bessie Smith3:18
12.Rocking Chair Bluesby Bessie Smith3:15
13.Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Downby Bessie Smith3:18
14.Boweavil Bluesby Bessie Smith2:54
15.Hateful Bluesby Bessie Smith3:10
16.Pinchbacks - Take 'Em Awayby Bessie Smith3:17
17.Nashvile Woman's Bluesby Bessie Smith3:44
18.Sweet Mistreaterby Bessie Smith3:02
19.Mean Old Bedbug Buesby Bessie Smith3:12
20.Blue Spirit Bluesby Bessie Smith2:56
21.Black Mountain Bluesby Bessie Smith3:09
22.The House Bluesby Bessie Smith3:00

Disk #2

1.Farewell, Daddy Bluesby Ma Rainey3:08
2.Shave 'Em Dry Bluesby Ma Rainey2:42
3.Booze And Bluesby Ma Rainey3:18
4.Toad Frog Bluesby Ma Rainey3:12
5.Jealous Hearted Bluesby Ma Rainey3:22
6.See See Rider Bluesby Ma Rainey3:20
7.Jelly Bean Bluesby Ma Rainey3:20
8.Coutin' The Bluesby Ma Rainey3:22
9.Cell Bound Bluesby Ma Rainey3:16
10.Army Camp Harmony Bluesby Ma Rainey2:53
11.Explaning The Bluesby Ma Rainey3:14
12.Lousiana Hoo Doo Bluesby Ma Rainey3:00
13.Goosby Daddy Bluesby Ma Rainey3:28
14.Stormy Sea Bluesby Ma Rainey2:44
15.Rough And Tumble Bluesby Ma Rainey2:51
16.Night Time Bluesby Ma Rainey2:58

Disk #3

1.Frankieby Mississippi John Hurt3:24
2.Nobody'S Dirty Businessby Mississippi John Hurt2:55
3.Ain't No Tellin'by Mississippi John Hurt2:56
4.Avalon Bluesby Mississippi John Hurt3:04
5.Big Leg Bluesby Mississippi John Hurt2:52
6.Stack O'Leeby Mississippi John Hurt2:58
7.Candy Man Bluesby Mississippi John Hurt2:47
8.Got The Blues (Can't Be Satisfied)by Mississippi John Hurt2:52
9.Blessed Be The Nameby Mississippi John Hurt2:48
10.Praying On The Old Camp Groundby Mississippi John Hurt2:37
11.Blue Harvest Bluesby Mississippi John Hurt2:54
12.Louis Collinsby Mississippi John Hurt3:00
13.Spike Driver Bluesby Mississippi John Hurt3:13

Disk #4

1.(Honey) It'S Tight Like Thatby Tampa Red2:39
2.Big Fat Mamaby Tampa Red3:39
3.Juicy Lemon Bluesby Tampa Red3:04
4.Uncle Budby Tampa Red2:42
5.How Long, How Long Bluesby Tampa Red3:05
6.It'S Tight Like Thatby Tampa Red2:49
7.Kunjine Babyby Tampa Red3:07
8.Friendless Gal Bluesby Tampa Red2:51
9.Death Cell Bluesby Tampa Red2:57
10.Have Ever Been Worried In Mind - Part 1by Tampa Red3:11
11.Have Ever Been Worried In Mind - Part 2by Tampa Red3:07
12.You Rascal Youby Tampa Red3:02
13.Boogie Woogie Danceby Tampa Red3:17
14.Bumble Bee Bluesby Tampa Red3:32
15.Stop And Listen Bluesby Tampa Red3:03
16.Down In Spirit Bluesby Tampa Red3:10
17.Mean Old Tom Cat Bluesby Tampa Red2:47
18.Don't Jive It Mamaby Tampa Red2:51

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