The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 13 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 13by Various Artists

  • 83 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:54:41


Disk #1

1.Worried Be Bluesby John Lee Williamson2:32
2.Black Gal Bluesby John Lee Williamson2:48
3.Frigidaire Bluesby John Lee Williamson3:01
4.Suzanna Bluesby John Lee Williamson2:59
5.Early In The Morningby John Lee Williamson2:49
6.Sugar Mama Bluesby John Lee Williamson2:57
7.Skinny Womanby John Lee Williamson3:00
8.My Little Corneliaby John Lee Williamson3:10
9.Decoration Bluesby John Lee Williamson3:30
10.You Can Lead Meby John Lee Williamson3:10
11.Miss Luisa Bluesby John Lee Williamson2:56
12.Sunnylandby John Lee Williamson3:18
13.I'M Tired Trucking My Blues Awayby John Lee Williamson2:57
14.Beauty Parlourby John Lee Williamson3:28
15.My Baby I'Ve Been Your Slaveby John Lee Williamson3:04
16.Doddin' My Love Aroundby John Lee Williamson3:16
17.Little Low Woman Bluesby John Lee Williamson2:48
18.Sugar Mama Blues No 2by John Lee Williamson3:10
19.Good Gal Bluesby John Lee Williamson2:47
20.I'M Not Pleasing Youby John Lee Williamson2:47
21.Honey Bee Bluesby John Lee Williamson3:08

Disk #2

1.Bye Bye Baby Bluesby Sonny Terry2:34
2.Mistreater, You'Re Going To Be Sorryby Sonny Terry2:25
3.Mean And No Good Womanby Sonny Terry2:32
4.Pistol Slapper Bluesby Sonny Terry2:41
5.Stop Jivin' Me Mamaby Sonny Terry2:37
6.Train Whistle Bluesby Sonny Terry2:47
7.New Love Bluesby Sonny Terry2:44
8.I'M A Stranger Hereby Sonny Terry2:55
9.I Want Some Of Your Pieby Sonny Terry2:43
10.I Don't Care How Longby Sonny Terry3:05
11.Blues And Worried Manby Sonny Terry2:47
12.Harmonica And Washboard Breakdownby Sonny Terry2:32
13.Harmonica Bluesby Sonny Terry2:42
14.Somebody'S Been Talkin'by Sonny Terry2:48
15.Harmonica Stompby Sonny Terry2:48
16.Twelve Gates To The Cityby Sonny Terry2:42
17.You Got To Have Your Dollarby Sonny Terry2:42
18.Don't Want No Skinny Womanby Sonny Terry2:42

Disk #3

1.Jack And Jill Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:39
2.Poor Man's Friendby Sleepy John Estes3:08
3.Hobo Jungle Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:57
4.Airplane Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:52
5.Floating Bridgeby Sleepy John Estes3:11
6.Need More Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:53
7.Fire Departement Bluesby Sleepy John Estes3:07
8.New Someday Babyby Sleepy John Estes2:50
9.Liquor Store Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:28
10.Brownsville Bluesby Sleepy John Estes3:08
11.Everybody Oughta Make A Changeby Sleepy John Estes2:50
12.Easin' Back To Tennesseeby Sleepy John Estes2:43
13.Clean Up At Homeby Sleepy John Estes2:36
14.Special Agentby Sleepy John Estes2:51
15.Drop Downby Sleepy John Estes2:46
16.Jailhouse Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:57
17.Time Is Drawing Nearby Sleepy John Estes2:23
18.Tell Me How About Itby Sleepy John Estes2:28
19.Mailman Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:55
20.Mary Come On Homeby Sleepy John Estes2:22
21.Working Man Bluesby Sleepy John Estes3:00
22.Don't You Want To Knowby Sleepy John Estes3:10
23.Lawyer Clark Bluesby Sleepy John Estes3:08
24.You Shouldn't Do Thatby Sleepy John Estes2:33
25.Little Laura Bluesby Sleepy John Estes2:30
26.When The Saints Go Marching Inby Sleepy John Estes3:00

Disk #4

1.Picking MyTomatoesby Brownie McGhee2:45
2.I M Calling Daisyby Brownie McGhee2:37
3.Me And My Dog Bluesby Brownie McGhee2:44
4.Born For Bad Luckby Brownie McGhee2:53
5.Step It Up And Goby Brownie McGhee2:34
6.Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Babyby Brownie McGhee2:41
7.Prison Woman Bluesby Brownie McGhee2:36
8.Be Good To Meby Brownie McGhee2:48
9.My Barkin Bulldog Bluesby Brownie McGhee2:36
10.Not Guilty Bluesby Brownie McGhee2:36
11.Coal Miner Bluesby Brownie McGhee2:45
12.Back Door Strangerby Brownie McGhee2:44
13.Step It Up And Go No. 2by Brownie McGhee2:45
14.Got To Find My Little Womanby Brownie McGhee2:32
15.Dealing With The Devilby Brownie McGhee2:35
16.I'M A Black Woman's Manby Brownie McGhee2:51
17.Woman, I'M Doneby Brownie McGhee2:55
18.Death Of Blind Boy Fullerby Brownie McGhee2:58