The Ultimate: Redux mp3 Artist Compilation by Tommy Bolin

The Ultimate: Reduxby Tommy Bolin

  • 31 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:08:30


Disk #1

1.Teaser (Acoustic Demo 1973)3:23
2.Sister Andrea (Demo 1971)7:21
3.Cross the River (Zepher Live/Boulder, CO 1973)7:12
4.Hard Chargin' Woman (Zepher Live/Boulder, CO 1973)13:34
5.Red Skies (Energy 1972)8:09
6.Heartlight (Energy 1972)4:22
7.Hok-o-Hey (Energy 1972)7:15
8.Got No Time for Trouble (Energy 1972)4:59
9.Miss Christmas (Energy 1972)4:16
10.Journey (Demo 1973)4:03
11.Alexis (Acoustic Demo 1973)4:24

Disk #2

1.Standing in the Rain (Acoustic Demo circa Bang)5:31
2.Cucumber Jam (Early Version of Cucumber Slumber)8:11
3.Spaninsh Lover (Acoustic Demo circa Miami)4:21
4.Stratus (Ebbets Field 1974)11:05
5.Getting Tighter (Tommy Bolin Tribute/Denver, CO 1997)8:23
6.Homeward Strut (Ebbets Field 1974)4:20
7.Teaser (Tommy Bolin Band/First Time Live-Disc 2 Version)5:52
8.Wild Dogs (Early L.A. Demo 1974)5:00
9.Dreamer (Early L.A. Demo 1974)3:51

Disk #3

1.People, People (Tommy Bolin Band/Ebbets Field 1976)8:10
2.Lotus (Tommy Bolin Band/Ebbets Field 1976)6:16
3.Savannah Woman (Demo)3:44
4.Crazed Fandango (Teaser Outtake 1975)6:44
5.Sweet Burgundy (Acoustic Demo/Naked II)3:19
6.Shake the Devil (Albany, NY 1976)5:29
7.Someday Will Bring Our Love Home (Acoustic Demo/Naked I)4:49
8.You Told Me That You Loved Me (Albany, NY 1976)5:13
9.Post Toastee (Electric Guitar Demo/Naked I)2:55
10.Post Toastee (Albany, NY 1976)12:44
11.Slow Driver (Acoustic Version/Naked I)3:35