The Un-Releases mp3 Artist Compilation by Chicks On Speed
  • 33 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:29


2.Turn of the Century2:17
3.Night Drive (live)0:43
4.Turn of the Century (Second Half)3:03
5.Bjorn Swein Interviewing Kiki on Copenhagen Radio0:25
6.This Nation Is a Rave Nation0:04
7.Euro Trash Girl4:02
8.I Wanna Be a DJ... Baby / Angel in Black0:48
9.Lush Life / Oh3:25
10.Gimme Back My Man4:29
11.Glamour Girl7:20
13.Pana Rip-Off4:24
14.Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong0:40
15.Do You Understand (remix)2:32
16.Mind Your Own Business1:30
17.Stop Records Ad0:32
18.Pulsinger Remix Again1:21
19.This Is House Music3:07
20.~Pedstrng [Re]Issue1:59
21.Night of the Pedestrian4:07
23.Kaltes Klares Wasser4:34
24.This Is for You (excerpt) / Melissa Introducing 'etg'1:20
26.Melissa Talking to Stephan in the CoS Lounge Room0:14
27.For All the Boys in the World2:20
28.Preparing for 'Monsters'0:24
29.Warm Leatherette3:43
30.Yes I Do2:26
31.Song for a Future Generation3:56
32.Rave Nation2:35
33.Alex Testing0:30