The Witcher (Enhanced Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

The Witcher (Enhanced Edition)by Various Artists

  • 44 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:14:59


Disk #1

1.Tales of the Witcherby Adam Skorupa2:38
2.Born Againby Rootwater4:38
3.Throw the Stoneby JesusChryslerSuicide5:34
4.Sword of the Witcherby Vader3:36
5.Tarotby Lady Aarp4:19
6.Hallowed Be Thy Nameby Habakuk4:16
7.Sapphire Watersby Village Kollektiv4:26
8.Skelligeby Duan4:21
9.Sou-Auby Me, Myself and I4:28
10.Bring to the Boilby Beltaine4:35
11.Sentinels of Brokilonby Rimead7:18
12.The Witcher Themeby Believe2:13
13.Running Awayby Skowyt2:54
14.They Want to Suckby LAL3:13
15.Trial of Herbsby Marcin Przybyłowicz3:03

Disk #2

1.Dusk of a Northern Kingdomby Adam Skorupa4:33
2.A Wolf's Demiseby Adam Skorupa2:09
3.River of Lifeby Paweł Błaszczak5:20
4.Mightyby Paweł Błaszczak1:08
5.Dead Cityby Adam Skorupa8:02
6.Last Battleby Paweł Błaszczak1:13
7.Elaine Ettarielby Adam Skorupa1:13
8.To Arms (Rebellion)by Adam Skorupa1:23
9.The Princess Strigaby Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa6:50
10.Returning to the Fortressby Paweł Błaszczak1:29
11.Evening in the Tavernby Paweł Błaszczak0:55
12.Peaceful Momentsby Adam Skorupa5:08
13.An Ominous Placeby Adam Skorupa5:11
14.Temerian Castle Themeby Paweł Błaszczak0:47
15.The Orderby Paweł Błaszczak3:52
16.Night Approachesby Paweł Błaszczak1:06
17.The Grand Master Revealedby Adam Skorupa1:27
18.Withered Rosesby Adam Skorupa1:14
19.Prepare for Battle!by Paweł Błaszczak1:06
20.Do You Remember?by Adam Skorupa1:30
21.The Lesser of Two Evilsby Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa1:54
22.Catch Me If You Canby Adam Skorupa0:23
23.Tavern at the End of Worldby Paweł Błaszczak1:24
24.The Dikeby Paweł Błaszczak7:03
25.Twilightby Adam Skorupa0:38
26.A Matter of Conscienceby Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa1:26
27.Leo's Farewellby Adam Skorupa1:44
28.Silver Swordby Paweł Błaszczak1:31
29.Kingdom & Betrayalby Paweł Błaszczak & Adam Skorupa1:48